KeraStraight SLS Free Cleanser And Conditioner Review


KeraStraight SLS Free Cleanser And Conditioner

Hi Beauties,

Lately I have been using SLS free shampoo to keep my hair not so frizzy and not ruin the effect of my KeraStraight treatment. I always thought that SLS free shampoos won’t help my hair as I have a rather oily scalp and that will not lather up to give me a clean, squeaky feeling. Let me share with you my experience on using these two products and how they work for me!

KeraStraight SLS Free Cleanser And Conditioner

About KeraStraight Straight Maintain Shampoo

KeraStraight Straight Maintain Shampoo, a luxury sulphate-free shampoo, has been developed to support and maximise the longevity of the KeraStraight treatment and enjoy the same benefits that result from advanced nanotechnology. KeraStraight Straight Maintain Shampoo cleans the hair mildly but effectively.

KeraStraight SLS Free Cleanser Info

Price: £32 for 500 ml

My experience with KeraStraight Maintain Shampoo

I have always thought if SLS free shampoos did any good to you except for being making a hole in your wallet. Well to be honest I really like the SLS free shampoo as it does more good than any harm. Using SLS free shampoos also mean that you are helping the environment, think aquatic waters not getting polluted.

This maintain shampoo is my second time buy, the first one I bought from my salon and this one I simply got online from a beauty shop! At first I had thought to buy any SLS free shampoo but then since I have got a treatment done to my hair, I should really be sticking to what is suggested by the hair stylist!

The shampoo does not lather up much when I mix some of it with water in a separate cup and then I use it to spread all over my hair wet hair. The fragrance is kept at minimum, which I like. If it rather be SLS free it also be fragrance free.

The shampoo does not lather up like our rest of SLS counterparts, where you feel your scalp is all clear, not realizing it is stripping off more than it should be! The SLS free shampoos help in maintaining the pH balance of the scalp, therefore not making it ripped off of the important and causing it to release more sebum.

I am in love with the SLS free stuff now, I think I will not leave them for life now. Of course I will hunt for a more reasonable version of this shampoo; I know Boots stocks up on SLS free shampoos.

KeraStraight SLS free cleanser swatch

What I like about KeraStraight Maintain Shampoo?

  • Does not make my hair frizzy
  • Suitable for coloured hair
  • Helps in maintaining  the KeraStraight treatment
  • Cleanses hair without giving in much lather
  • Helps save our environment
  • Keeps hair soft and smooth
  • No parabens

What I dislike about KeraStraight Maintain Shampoo?

  • Expensive!
  • Have to use a little more than you would use a normal shampoo,
  • Drug stores like Boots do not stock these,

Rating: 4.5/5

About KeraStraight Maintain Conditioner

Straight Maintain Conditioner is a luxury Sulphate Free Conditioner that has been developed to support and maximise the longevity of your KeraStraight. Developed to support and maximise the longevity of the KeraStraight treatment.

This lightweight rinse has a beautiful, light tropical fragrance.

KeraStraight SLS free conditioner info

Price: £15 for 250 ml

My experience with KeraStraight Conditioner

I did not know until now that conditioners have Sulphate too! But now as I am aware, this conditioner is a definite yes for long fine hair. I always feel that other conditioners make my hair really heavy and oily, I used to end up using more, since the sulphate shampoos would make my hair very dry, the whole process was vicious, make my hair look lifeless. But with an extra doze of keratin treatment to my hair, they don’t look lifeless at the ends. It is like a protein doze for my hair. I quite like the effect of my hair. And the best part is you will rarely have bad hair days.

This conditioner does not weight my hair down, I simple apply to damp hair and comb it across, it simple spreads out and makes hair soft immediately. Since after the shampoo, the hair is a bit entangled.

The conditioner does not make my hair oily, but of course, I have an oily scalp and it needs any reason to get itself washed!

Overall, I like the shampoo and conditioner duo.

KeraStraight SLS free conditioner swatch

What I like about Kerastraight Maintain Conditioner?

  • Keeps hair soft,
  • Sulphate free,
  • Does not weigh the hair down,
  • Keeps frizz and fly-aways at bay,
  • Suits my long fine hair,
  • Just need a coin size of the conditioner for all of my length,
  • Maintains my Kerastraight treatment.

What I dislike about KeraStraight Maintain conditioner?

  • Expensive!
  • Is not available in drugstores, only sold by salons and online.

Rating: 4/5

Have you tried KeraStraight SLS Free Cleanser And Conditioner before?

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    • Usually SLS free shampoos are the safest bet! whether colored or treated as they don’t ruin the effect. You may want to check SLS free range available in India. Those may not be as expensive as KeraStraight!


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