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Sarika asks,

I got to know about Keratin Hair treatment recently and I got all the material from a shop that sell all these products.Do you think it will good to do it at home.I have watched many you tube videos and I think I can’ do it.Has any one of your tried it ? Please share your experience .



keratin hair treatment at home



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  1. Ok Tulips..There is a lot of material on the net and YT that u should research on before doing home rebonding. Cause there is a chance that it may go horribly wrong.Most African-Americans do hair relaxing all the time so u better visit those sites. The Wella kit has two creams a straightening cream and a neutralizer. You have to protect your scalp with petroleum jelly or a protective cream before applying the first cream. Never apply on scalp. Watch videos to see the application. Get help to apply well strand by strand. Follow the instructions carefully on the brochure. Wait for prescribed time and wash off and apply neutralizer.Do not use flat iron on rebonded hair.
    This is the short version only.. I cant write jumbo comments here haha…hope it helped 🙂

  2. I do it myself at home every couple of months — keratin treatment, not normal hair straightening (i.e., not wella, berina, etc) — , works great for me; the keratin treatment doesn’t remove my curls totally but there’s no frizz anymore (I still have to use a hair straightener to get straight hair). It takes about 2 1/2 to 3 hours for my hair -5″ past shoulder length. But make sure you get a good straightener that reaches 230°C because without it, almost nothing happens. Oh, and at least the first few times, get someone to help you because doing the back of the hair by yourself is really hard and halfway through your hands will get tired. Also, be careful of burns from the straightener and sometimes fumes come out from the hair while straightening so keep your windows open. And when you’re applying the product, stay 1/2″ to1″ away from the roots or else your hair might fall out. If I remember anything else, I’ll post again.
    By the way, where did you buy the product from? I had to order it from since I couldn’t find any shops that kept it…

    • Hi Anon,

      I know this a old post, but was reading about keratin treatment to do myself
      Can you share the name of the keratin treatment you use.


  3. keratin treatments are different from rebonding..never use a flat iron unless said in the brochure for rebonding. Ur hair will fry and fall off in clumps..Also follow the temperature of water as said in brochure..For people with very frizzy hair its a good idea to flat iron ur hair two three days before rebonding because its easier for cream to apply..Also do not do rebonding on fresh washed hair..Wash ur hair two three days before the scalp oils will protect ur skin also..Do not apply on scalp or prepare to say bye-bye to ur hair. For gals with thin less frizzy hair apply rebonding cream of normal strength and for frizzy types there is a strong variant..Do not keep rebonding cream for long time thinking ur hair will become very straight. It is very damaging. Keep only for prescribed time. After washing off neutralizer apply a rich conditioner/protein mask to replenish the lost oils. Do not wash/shampoo hair for at least three days or u will completely lose all the effect.
    Sorry for the long post 🙂

  4. hi , I do keratin treatment at home every 6 months and results are very good . The most important thing is that we have to use a straightner with temperature going upto 230 degrees . I use babyliss( paris) one , its really good.
    rest follow the instructions provided with the product . They are very clear . For the first few times take help of ur friend to assist with the procedure ….

  5. hi everybody……m new to wishe and I wana know what exactly is rebonding and keratin treatment and what are the side effects?

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