Khadi Aloevera Peeling Scrub Review


Sometimes, there are products which make you want to give a mixed review. While I have got nothing against this scrub, I do wish there were some changes made to it.

For example, I would have loved it if the aloevera scrub was not this creamy. When I think of Aloe, it always brings to my mind soothing gels (light green preferably) with deep cleaning action and whatnot. But this peeling scrub was white and it had almonds! It had big granules of scrub in it, and it was not what I wanted.

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Khadi Aloevera Peeling Scrub Review+best scrub for dry skin

  • Quantity: 210 ml.
  • Price: 120/-

My Take on Khadi Aloevera Peeling Scrub

The pack comes with a flip top cap, which is all well and good at first, but as you move down to the halfway mark, you start realizing that it would have been better to turn the bottle upside down, as it starts becoming difficult to get the stuff out of the pack with a small outlet. The good thing is, the plastic package is squeezable. So you can squeeze out what you like.

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Khadi Aloevera Peeling Scrub Review+best scrub for sensitive skin

The scrub is white with big brown granules in it. It has almonds in it along with Aloe Vera, which is slightly alarming, as the pack is creamy rather than gel-like (my skin, my skin!) It smells slightly weird… I don’t mind it, but it is quite strong, so people with sensitive nose- beware. It is big and cumbersome, so carrying it around is kind of difficult. What I hate is the fact that the pack is very creamy, and I have used it 2 times every week for the last month, and it has broken me out twice. As the granules are big, I cannot scrub hard with this. I need to be extra delicate with my skin.

It does not dry out my skin and leaves it with a lovely glow, so I sometimes use this before I am going out. However, not in the afternoons or morning, as, if I do this then, my skin gets sunburnt easily. But, my pores look smaller and cleaned out after I use it, so I will keep on using it. Very gently though. I also use it all over my feet during home pedicures, and it works wonders on my feet.

So, overall, I would like to tell you the things I like and dislike about this product. So you can judge it yourself.

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Khadi Aloevera Peeling Scrub Review+best scrub for oily skin

Pros of Khadi Aloevera Peeling Scrub:

  • Gives my skin a glow
  • Nice, creamy product
  • Comes with a hygienic flip-top cap
  • Cheap
  • Lots of product that would last me a long time
  • Tightens my pores up slightly
  • Cleans my skin quite well also my feet

Cons of Khadi Aloevera Peeling Scrub:

  • Not travel friendly
  • Slightly difficult to get the product out once half finished
  • Has broken me out a couple of times
  • Creamy rather than a gel
  • Smell might be too strong for a lot of people
  • Not too suited to oily skin
  • Not good for sun-exposure
Will I repurchase Khadi Aloevera Peeling Scrub:

Not really.

Rating: 3/5

Have you tried Khadi Aloevera Peeling Scrub?


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  1. Oh awesome review..Poorna! But i cant simply risk my skin with something that breaks out my face easily.
    So i think i l skip it :-))

    • Same here Nimisha, One of Khadi’s scrub works beautifully for me.. i’ve been using it for past 1 yr and it has made significant good changes to my skin 🙂

    • Nimisha.. my sister uses this and she has no problem whatsoever. She has normal to dry skin. i think almonds are the culprit here for me, they never suit my oily skin.

  2. Since the products are so cheap, the quality of ingredients used will also be of a low grade. there is hardly any research and testing done.

    Lakme only recently started to upgrade their products. For a long time there was no reasearch and I knew this from somone on the inside. they were making the same thing with substandard material. They started to improve and raised the price cause their things got better.

  3. i used khadi hair oil… nd my hair reduced to 25%….plz any 1 suggest wat i shld do…iam thinkng to have hair spa..wat u ppl vl suggest


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