Khadi Gold Thermo Herb Face Pack Review



Khadi Gold Thermo Herb Face Pack

Hello Everyone,

My craze for face packs makes me pick up products with unusual names. I had heard a lot about khadi being herbal & ayurvedic based. I was eager to try something from this brand because I completely vouch for natural skin care products, but khadi is not easily available in Bangalore so I got this one online.


Khadi Gold Thermo Herb Face Pack Review+skin care tips


About Khadi Gold Thermo Herb Face Pack:-

Khadi Gold Thermoherb removes suntan. Makes the complexion glow & will tighten the skin.

Ingredient List:


Khadi Gold Thermo Herb Face Pack Review Ingredints+face packs


  • Directions to use: After massage apply extra cream on the face, leave eye brows, eye circles & lips. Give a fine layer of cotton round the hair line, for avoiding the hair grip in the pack. Make a thick paste with cold water (in winter for better results use warm water) and apply it immediately. No face movement till dry. Wash the face with cold water & wipe it off very gently.
  • Price & Quantity: Rs 160/- for 100 gms.

My experience with  Khadi Gold Thermo Herb Face Pack:-


Packaging: The Thermoherb face pack comes in a steel tin which looks very earthy & indian. The lid fits quite well. I like the simple packaging because it comes in a tin unlike other face packs, but it’s not very convenient.
Texture: It comes in a fine powder form with very few granules in it.
Well more than a Review I would say this is a WARNING Post, what makes me say so? read on to find out…
Khadi Gold Thermo Herb Face Pack+herbal face mask
Like I said I am very enthusiastic to use face packs, as soon as I received my parcel I grabbed it & read the instructions & the ingredient list. Honestly, the directions to use was super confusing & I did not understand why we needed to massage…since all face packs are to be applied directly on to the face I thought the cream that they were referring to was the pack itself, so I expected it to be a creamy face pack. The mention of Plaster of Paris in the ingredient list freaked me out for a second, but then again I thought it must be like how they use something called the Xanthan gum in scrubs, so I thought I need not worry. I was so eager to use it that I justified all my doubts & went ahead with it.
I made a thick paste of it as mentioned, applied it all over my face & started to gently massage in a circular motion. It felt soft & creamy with a few gritty granules. As I massaged the pack started to harden, so I stopped & waited for it to dry. Within a few minutes it hardened like cement & cracks started to appear. I realized I was terribly wrong to have had put the pack on my face, so I started to splash water on my face desperately to get it off. But it just wouldn’t come off, my skin felt taut & stretched. I further panicked & started to pour copious amounts of almond oil to get it off. It started to come off in small pieces, but I had to tug & pull to take it off. It was hurting my fine facial hair so much that I had to keep taking a break in-between. It took me almost an hour to completely wash it off…I had a HORRYFYING EXPERIENCE! I just wanted to throw it away immediately!
I had got this face pack sometime in October last year, but after this experience I kept it away for a long, long time. Had the thought of getting rid of it many times but I still wanted to give it a second chance. So I checked for reviews online, but didn’t find any. When I re-read the instructions on the tin I realised my mistake. I was supposed use a massage cream first & then apply the pack. Finally I understood! But in spite of knowing that I was still sceptical about it, yet I did go ahead for the purpose of the review…
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I don’t use massage creams, well, because I don’t need it, so I used the Clean & clear moisturizer instead. I massaged it well & reapplied the moisturizer, over which I applied the pack. It started to harden & crack within 10 minutes. Within 15 minutes the face pack was almost fully dry. This time around my skin didn’t feel stretched out, rather it felt firm. But washing it off was again very tedious, though it came off more easily than the last time it still took really long & loads of water to get the pieces off my face. Specially near the brows & side locks I had to scrub it off. It did hurt a little to get off the small bits on my cheeks.
After washing off my face looked fresh & clean, pores were refined & my skin was soft & supple. The moisturizer was well absorbed thus I didn’t require immediate moisturizing. But the results are nothing extraordinary, nothing that our humble multani mitti & rose water cannot do.
All in all the Khadi thermoherb face pack gave me a very hard time. After this review, it is going right down the drain, I will just keep the tin to store something & to remind me to never ever pick this product again, even if it is for free!

What I like about  Khadi Gold Thermo Herb Face Pack:

  • The cute steel tin
  • Pore refining.

What I don’t like about  Khadi Gold Thermo Herb Face Pack:

  • Confusing instructions
  • Not travel friendly(actually not user friendly)
  • Not ready to use
  • Very tedious to wash off
  • Hurts the skin very badly
  • Does not suit any skin type.
Rating: 1/5
Recommendation: No way! After my HORRID experience, I would warn everyone to stay far away from it.
Would I repurchase: Out of the question!

Have you tried Khadi Gold Thermo Herb Face Pack?

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  1. i have heard that we have to be cautious with thermo packs . i have one lying with me but never used… will let it be like that only after reading your review!!

    • Really, honestly I didn’t know about them before this one…I think Aroma magic also has a thermo face pack. Hope the one you have doesn’t turn out to be such a dud.

  2. well i tried it out today & experienced no problems whatsoever ………. but i’d definitely like to thank niharika for the cream bit…….even i was confused by the direction to use mentioned on the pack……… so i tried searching for reviews online….. then i found this blog & after reading it was clear on the “massage” part.thank you , niharika .


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