Khadi Herbal Bath Oil Review


Khadi Product Review – Herbal Bath Oil with invigorating essentials oil

Khadi herbal bath oil is my first purchase of any bath oil from Khadi.When I read about the  bath oil while buying it  all I could think was of luxurious bath which will make my skin soft and de stress me up   :D:D

What Khadi Herbal bath oil product claims :-

An aromatic bath oil containing essential oils that relieve stress and fatigue.When massage into the skin it relaxes muscles , stimulates nerve functions and relieves depression.

  • Price – Rs 135 for 100 ml
  • How to use Herbal bath oil – Pour 5 to 10 ml hadi herbal bath oil into your bath.

  • Ingredients – Lemon oil,bergamot oil,neroli oil, wheat germ oil, lavender oil, propylene glycol base.


Khadi Herbal Bath Oil with invograting essential oils Review

 My experience with Khadi Herbal Bath Oil


Since the day I have bought the bath oil I am kind of addicted to it.It de-stresses me till the time I am having my  bath and fragrance of the bath oil is not strong .I do feel mild  softness on my skin after using it however using body lotion is still a must for me.

Its  a clear water water which is not thick and gets absorbed in the skin with in seconds or I should say I don’t even realize  when  it has gone but I do feel the effect

Bath Oil+Herbal Cosmetics+Khadi herbal bath oil review

  • Packaging – Its a travel size packaging of 100 ml of the product and and has a flip top cap over it.Packaging is not sturdy and I don have few dents on few bottles of Khadi now.
  • How I use the Khadi Herbal Bath Oil – While drawing  bath water I pour one full cap of the bath oil into the bucket under the running water/
  • Fragrance – It has a mix of lavender and lemon fragrance.One can increase or decrease the quantity of the oil as per one nose sensitivity.


Skin Care Proucts+Khadi herbal bath oil review

 What I liked about Khadi Herbal Bath Oil

  •  Decently priced and travel friendly
  • It helps in relieving stress and fatigue
  • Contains all natural ingredients


What I do not like about Khadi Herbal Bath Oil


  • 100 ml of the product will not last more than 15 days if used every day.
  • Not easily available.I got it from Bombay store of  Hyderabad airport.You can find it online on or in Khadi outlets in India.
  • It wont help much in skin softening albeit it neither claims for it.
  • Relaxed feeling stay till the time I am having a bath.I wish it could stay 24/7 😛
  • Will I recommend it to others – Yes, If you like to enjoy your bath and looking for oil which de stresses you then you might like it .Also don’t forget to sniff the bottle before purchasing it.When I sniffed it I felt little dizzy and then relaxed as if I sniffed any sweet  drug :dazed:

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    • u better do and if u don get it let me know i will send u in a small little bottle..but i will share thoda sa ok :smug:

      • Ok Ma’am will let u know for sure…Or else when i come t Hyd il buy some from airport! I really luv shopping at airports..god knows y, buts one of my kinks..

  1. I find it really difficult to wait for my package when I order online…..jus keep counting days and the experience is most horrible with F&U which takes almost 45 days :-((

    • I know Shri..while ordering online one needs to have so much patience…and FnU is so erratic..I’ve sometimes received parcels within 2 weeks and sometimes after a month also…

  2. Hi all 🙂

    Any idea where are Khadi products available in Mumbai.
    Never saw them here 🙁
    Also, does anyone know of other brands that have bath oils..


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