Khadi Herbal Hair Conditioner Review (Vanilla & Honey )


Khadi Herbal Conditioner with Vanilla & Honey Review 

I bought this Vanilla and honey creamy hair conditioner with high expectation but it failed to do any good to my hair.  I have used honey hair packs lot of time which has made my hair smooth  and soft so thinking that it too has honey in it I picked it up.

Khadi Herbal Conditioner Review

What Khadi conditioner claims :-

An excellent hair conditioner that helps smooth and easy combing, adds body and bounce to the hair. Enhances lustre and pro-motes healthy hair growth.

  • Direction – Being rinse conditioner .Apply after shampoo hair .Keep on for two to three minutes Longer the better rinse clean.
  • Ingredients :-Water, Shikakai, Honey, Henna, Jatamansi DC, Cetyl Alchol, Jojoba Oil, 2-Phenoxyethanol,Parabenes
  • Price INR 59 for100ml

Khadi Herbal conditioner Vanilla & Honey Review

What I liked about Khadi Herbal Hair Conditioner :-

  • It’s dirt cheap
  • Travel friendly
  • Moderate herbal ingredients
  • I like its mild vanilla fragrance

Packaging – It comes in a transparent flip top packaging .Plastic of the bottle is not sturdy and dent is the proof of it 😛

Khadi herbal conditioner vanilla and honey review +free shampoo samples

  • Consistency – It is a thick white milky conditioner

Khadi conditioner vanilla and honey +beauty herbal

What I did not like about Khadi Herbal Hair conditioner Vanilla & Honey

  • No matter how much quantity of the product I apply on my hair it fails to soften or smoothen them.
  • It claims of easy combing and detangling doesn’t work infact my hair feel the same even if I don’t use this conditioner 😛
  • I don’t see any bounce and  claim of promoting hair growth in 100 ml is something I won’t think about 😛
  • Claims to be herbalbut does contain parabenes.
  • Will I recommend it to othersNo,If you have oily hair it might work for you but I still would advise to avoid it.For dry and damaged hair it wont work.

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  1. I have this dud and have found a way to make it work. I mix a tablespoon of this conditioner with a tablespoon of honey and use it to deep condition my hair (actually you can use any conditioner to do this, but i didn’t want to waste this!). You can use steam if you have a steamer or hair dryer on low setting. My hair looks moisturized and manageable after this.


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