Khadi Mauri Apricot Face Scrub Review


By Zara,

Hi All,

I have been using Walnut scrubs for the longest time and always felt they were a tad bit too harsh to use on the face for sensitive skin like mine. Hence, when I saw this, I ordered it right away..

Khadi mauri facre scrub review

What does the Company claim about  the Khadi Mauri Apricot Face Scrub

A gentle facial skin cleanser hat contains fine and rounds walnut shell grains which dermabrades your skin gently to remove dead cells, dirt, toxins, infection, black heads, acne, pimples, etc from your skin. as it also contains natural extracts like mulberry, brahmi, apricot oil and red sandal, it simultaneaously makes your skin fair, young, well moisturized and free from infection.


  • Ingredients: Each 100gms contains walnut shell 10g, mulberry 1g, brahmi 2g, apricot oil 1g and red sandal 1g, glycerine 8g, kaolin 30 g, purified water Q.s, preservatives .375g, SLS 2g
  • Price: 100 INR
  • Quantity: 100gms
  • How to use this face wash: Apply on wet face and massage to produce lather and rinse off with fresh or luke warm water. use daily or twice for best results.


Khadi apricot scrub

About Khadi Mauri Apricot Face Scrub


  • Packaging – It comes in a tin container as seen in the pictures above. It has a simple description of the product giving details on the ingredients, usage and effects as well. The lid is so tight I had to tug for a long time to get it off. And thank god for that since the scrub is a thin one and the tight lid ensures that there would not be any spillage if stored tilted. This also ensures that this is travel safe.
  • Texture & Consistency – The face scrub is not thick like most..It’s actually very thin and runny and easily spreadable. The scrub has tiny apricot granules which would help in exfoliation the skin. The granules are mild enough that it would not abrade or harm the skin.
  • Fragrance – This face wash has a mild fruity fragrance which doesn’t linger too long and hence, wouldn’t  irritate sensitive noses. After usage, the fragrance did not last for more than 2-3 mins.
  • Effectiveness – This scrub totally lives up to its expectations. When using this on my face, I could feel the granules doing their job, yet it didn’t hurt nor were they abrasive in any way. I could see a glow on my face after using this. And what’s more, this glow didn’t fade after a couple of hours like with other scrubs. This stayed on for about a day. Isn’t that gr8??
  • Color – The scrub is a light pink color with tiny light brown granules


Khadi scrub mauri review

My experience with Khadi Mauri Face Wash:

I had very high expectations from this and I’m happy to say that I’m not at all disappointed.

I had an upcoming pimple last week and used this  scrub just once for 2 days continuously and Abra-ca-dab-ra! The pimple died (so to speak 😉  ), it didn’t stand a chance. Also, after washing this off, my skin feels really smooth and soft to the touch.

The only glitch with this product is the fact that one needs a spoon to scoop it out. I do that with cleansers of mine, but still some may find it pretty unhygienic. I wish this would come in a tube or even in their usual bottle-packaging.

Another plus point is that a very tiny amount is needed to make a difference.  A coin sized amount would be more than sufficient for each use.

khadi mauri face scrub+face scrub for oily skin


What I like About Khadi Mauri Apricot  Face Scrub

  • Its instantly refreshing. I would recommend this especially during summers.
  • Recommended for sensitive skin
  • Claims to keep the skin pimple-free
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Makes the skin visible smooth
  • 100% soap free
  • Value for money

What I do not like about Khadi Mauri Apricot Face scrub

  • It would be a lot more convenient if available in tube packaging.
  • Availability

Will I buy it again: Yes! This works really well on my skin and makes my skin look visibly smooth.


Read about Khadi mauri face wash here

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Khadi Mauri Face Wash Review




    • do get it Rentu..its really does make a diff to my skin..and its so easy on the pocket… thats the biggest plus point 🙂

    • Hi Nisha..M not from Delhi, so I dont have much of an idea where one can get it there..m sure the Delhi-ites wud be able to help..

      if ur interested, their products r available online and they ship to Delhi as well..

      • hey Zara, plz tell me site for ordering khadi produtes.. as i am also not from delhi but i can manage to buy from there… i live in haridwar, here i got a shop of khadi but they don’t have stock.. 🙁 🙁 😥 😥

  1. Zara i thik you bought their ‘ek lauta’ mauri scrub they had…i rann to purchse it on Retailmart and i dont see the product there !! Now send me yours…

    • Hi hi..i think A ordered it all… 😉 It was available yesterday also when i checked for a friend…m sure its Harry’s fault..

  2. a very good review..shall buy this when i go to the khadi store next..have been using their pudina scrub for a is mild and quite good.

  3. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr where is my :knife::knife::knife:
    it takes so much of effort in conincing and MOKP is spoiling it alllll….where is my gun dhad dhad dhad dhad…


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