Khadi Mauri Face Wash Review


By Zara,                                                       Khadi Face Wash Review – Khadi Mauri Face Wash Review

I ordered some Khadi stuff last week from and got some things delivered really soon. One of the items was the Khadi Mauri Face wash.

Khadi Mauri Face Wash review

  • What does the Company claim about  the Khadi herbal  Face wash – 100% soap free cleansing preparation fortified with natural cleansing extracts which deep cleanse skin, removing all the dirt, germs and infection from inside derm pores of skin and keeps your skin soft clean, tender,well moisturized and free from pimples.

  • Ingredients: Each 100 gms contains saunf 2g, chamomile flower 2g, methi, 2g, brahmi 4g, apricol oil 1g, tulssi leaf 4g, SLES 3g, purified water q.s. preservatives 0.375g
  • Price: 110 INR
  • Quantity: 210ml
  • How to use this face wash: Apply on wet face and massage to produce lather and rinse off with fresh or luke warm water. use daily or twice for best results.


khadi face wash mauri review

My experience with Khadi Mauri Face Wash

Packaging – It comes in the usual see-through plastic bottle packaging adopted by Khadi. It has a simple description of the product giving details on the ingredients, usage and effects. The cost is mentioned on a circular tab stuck on the base of the bottle. The bottle has a flip top tube; however, I did not find it very sturdy. Hence, I would definitely would not want to carry this while traveling.

Khadi Mauri herbal face wash review

  • Texture – The face wash has a thick texture but is runny enough that one wouldn’t need to squeeze the life out of the bottle to get it out 🙂 🙂 Although once  the product starts to get over, keeping it tilted upside down would be a necessity.
  • Fragrance – This face wash has an apricot fragrance which is neither too strong nor too mild. It wouldn’t irritate sensitive noses and lingers on for about 10mins or so.
  • EffectivenessI don’t have a huge problem with pimples or acne as long as I avoid products with aggravating ingredients and hence wouldn’t be able to comment on that front. However, this face wash is quite refreshing. After using it, I feel squeaky clean and I’ve gotten this feeling with only one other cleanser. So I was pleasantly surprised.
  • Color As visible from the bottle, this face wash is orange in color, very similar to the Original Pears face wash.


My experience with Khadi Mauri Face Wash:

I got this face wash out of sheer curiosity since I’d never used a face wash from this brand earlier.

My over all experience with this has been okay. I have extremely sensitive skin and I haven’t experienced any breakouts. Frankly, it hasn’t done any wonders for my skin. It refreshes my skin instantly and cleanses well, but after 5mins of using this, my skin feels a bit stretchy. I usually always apply a moisturizer after washing my face, so this didn’t  really bother me. This would definitely not be my HG cleanser though, since it doesn’t do anything extra for my skin.

All in all, this is a usual run-of-the-mill kind of a cleanser which I would recommend to those with sensitive skin.


Khadi Mauri herbal face wash in orange review


What I like about khadi Mauri Face Wash

  • Its instantly refreshing. I would recommend this especially during summers.
  • Recommended for sensitive skin
  • Claims to keep the skin pimple-free
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • 100% soap free

What  I do not like about Khadi Mauri Face Wash

  • It would be a lot more convenient if the packaging was that of a squeezy tube.
  • Not travel friendly
  • Those having dry skin may not like this
  • Doesn’t do any ‘extra’ for my skin
  • Availability is an issue in a lot of cities


Will I buy it again Nope. Although I like using this face wash, I still prefer to stick to my old cleansers since they seem to do.

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      • I love orange scenting products too.. i have the Orange body wash from Revayur.. Its really refreshing..I also have the Orange body butter from TBS and their Satsuma Body Polish…They smeel soooooo yummy :)) :))

    • I have combi skin hich gets really oily in the summers..My best fix-it cleanser is the Aqua Marina cleanser from Lush.Its fabulous for oily skin..a real must-have…Do check it out..And also CTM shud be a ritual for sure.. 😉 😉


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