Khadi Mauri Fruit Face Pack Review


By Zara,
Hi All,

I decided to buy this after reading Prerana’s consolidated article of all products offered by Khadi. So this review is dedicated to her.. πŸ™‚

Khadi Mauri Fruit Face Pack Review

What does the Company claim about  the Khadi Mauri Fruit Face Pack

  • Make skin youthful, wrinkle free, glowing free from blemishes & scars. Repairs the skin & connective tissues damaged by UV rays
  • Ingredients: Each 100gms contains papita 2g, narangi 3g, aam seed 1gm, strawberry.25g, kheera .25g, horse tail .1g, nimbu .1g, chai vriksha .1g, besan 5g, tuls salva .2g, kaolin 60g, bentonite 10g, jai seed 2g, pudina .3g, multani mitti q.s. to 100g
  • Price: INR 50
  • Quantity: 50gms
  • How to use this face wash: Mix 2table spoon of the powder with water/milk/curd to produce a smooth paste. Apply the paste on the face and allow to dry and then rinse with luke warm water.

Khadi Mauri Fruit Face Pack Review

About Khadi Mauri Fruit Face Pack

  • Packaging Γ’β‚¬β€œ It comes in a tiny tin container as seen in the pictures above. It has a simple description of the product giving details on the ingredients, usage and effects as well. The lid is secure and this would be travel-safe as well.
  • Texture Γ’β‚¬β€œ As with most  DIY face packs, this is also a powder based face pack. The texture after mixing the required components depends on your desired consistency. You could make it really thick or thin depending on your needs. Thats the beauty of DIY products..You can decide what’s better for your skin and use accordingly.


Khadi mauri face pack reiew

  • Fragrance Γ’β‚¬β€œ This face mask smells a bit like powdered mangoes. Its not an offensive smell, but it may irritate those with sensitive noses. The smell just gets stronger after mixing with curd.  The smell however doesnot linger after washing it off.
  • Effectiveness Γ’β‚¬β€œ This mask does lighten my skin and help remove the worst of my tans, but an additional upside is the tightening effect on the skin. Most face packs tighten the skin a bit, but this pack is miles ahead in this regard.
  • Color Γ’β‚¬β€œ The mask in its powdered form is a light powder brown color and on mixing with curd, it turns into darker shade of brown.


My experience with Khadi Mauri Face Wash:


Khadi Mauri Fruit Face Pack Review

I was pretty excited to try this out and I have a 50-50 opinion of this pack.

As shown below, I took a table spoon of the powder and mixed it with curd. In the bargain I had soooo much paste, all of us at WiseShe could have used it all easily πŸ˜‰

After applying a thin layer on the face, I started to feel a mild tingling sensation which lasted all of 30secs. I did wonder whether it was an allergy and whether I should go wash it off, but then thought of giving it a go. Thank god for that.

Also, this pack tightens the skin like there’s no tomorrow. In the 10mins this paste took to dry, my skin started getting tighter and tighter to the extent that flexing my jaw started to get a tad bit painful. So I was extremely happy when the entire mask dried up and it was time to wash up.

Khadi fruit face pack review

After washing up, I was in for a bit of a surprise. I had expected some redness thanks to the aggressive tightening but there was nothing of the sort. In fact, my skin looked really fresh and bright..I usually also get tanned a lot during summers and I was really pleased to see my natural color back. I’m going to use this on my arms and feet next since they have gotten tanned really badly.

As I mentioned before, my experience with this pack wasn’t 100% good..The smell of this pack after mixing it with curd is YUCK! And I am not exaggerating. It took a lot of willpower and sheer stubbornness not to wash it off my face within a minute to application. It smells like some moldy piece of wood..I am not sure whether this is because of the combination with curd. But next time, I’m going to try this with rose water and hopefully, the smell should be better.

Also, another downside is that one has to use only that much amount which can be used in one go. Since I followed the instructions given, I ended up making a lot of the mixture..So I decided to keep it aside like how we do with excess Multani mitti pack and thought of using it at a later date after using rose water to re-make the mixture. But the next day when I tried to use it for my arms, I was really disappointed. The mixture had turned into a clay-like form and no amount of rose water could unclump it. So my sincere advice to all of you would be to please use a tiny bit only to avoid wastage.


What I liked about Khadi Fruit Face Pack

  • Its skin tightening effect is commendable.
  • Recommended for sensitive skin
  • Claims to keep the skin pimple-free
  • One needs to use very little for each use. So this will last me a long long time.
  • The jar is pretty stable and is travel friendly as well


What I do not like about Khadi Fruit face pack

  • The smell is too strong
  • Availability is problem with Khadi products.
  • Have to be careful to use just enough for one use since this can’t be kept in the fridge and reused. This could lead to wastage.
  • The tightening may cause redness for those with uber-sensitive skin.


Will I buy it again: Yes, but only for the tightening effect and with rose water πŸ™‚

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  1. ohh great am gonna give this a shot …. have not seen it but will hunt for the pack …
    and as you said i might try this on my hands a s well :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

    • Thanx bhumika..I know..the availability of their products suck big time…they shud have better distribution…A! Do something..

    • Hi too pretty lazy..but the fact that this detans and tightens well is a huge motivating factor for me to use this.. πŸ™‚


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