Khadi Mauri Hair Conditioning Cream Review


By Prerana,  Hair Shampoo – Khadi Mauri conditioning cream review

Most of you must be thinking that I’m going to review Khadi hair conditioner but it is a shampoo! Yes, the name confused me too! :cute: I went to khadi store to purchase a conditioner as I ran out of it.. I was in a hurry yet struggled through all the “similar looking’ bottles of Khadi and picked up as soon as I saw “conditioning cream” thinking that this is a conditioner in a cream form. After I came home and went for a bath, I realized it’s a shampoo when it started lathering!! (what a fool of me!). So this was the story behind my purchase:sad:

Khadi Mauri Conditioning Cream Review

  • What Khadi Mauri conditioning cream claims –Herbal cream conditioning shampoo is specially formulated for dry and damaged hair. It contains extracts of aloe and brahmi which moisturize and repair the dry hair. Also contain hair moisturizer jojoba oil, apricot oil (source of Vit E) which moisturizes and provide luster to the hair.

  • Price –Rs 112/- for 210 ml

  • Ingredients of Khadi Hair Conditioning Shampoo


Ingredients of Kahdi  Mauri Conditioning Cream

  • Packaging –As usual it is packed in a transparent plastic bottle with a flip open cap. In some bottles the flip open cap is so tightly manufactured that I feel I will break on of my nail someday!
  • Color and consistency –Color is shiny white and has a runny consistency like most of the shampoos have. It has a mild fragrance which does not remain in hair after 2 hrs. It lathers very lightly .


Khadi Mauri Hair Conditioning Cream Review

My Experience  with Khadi Shampoo

When I found out that mistakenly I have bought a shampoo, I had no option to use it as I had opened the seal!I tried the shampoo in the same way as I always do. Diluted required amount of shampoo in a mug / bowl and applied to my scalp part by part and rest of the steps being as usual.(You can read post how to shampoo  hair here)

After drying hair, I was sure since Khadi products have been my favorite, this will also win my heart, but I was wrong! The day after shampooing hair, when I woke up, I saw all my hair had lost its bouncy feel! As if loads of moisture had been applied to my scalp! This is meant for dry hair, where as I have oily scalp. (I regret buying anything without reading instructions!)

Khadi Moisturiser - Khadi Mauri Hair Conditioning Cream Review

What I like about it  Khadi Mauri Hair Cream

  • Price is very affordable.
  • Have a mild fragrance, not very over powering hence great for sensitive nose.
  • Is herbal so no harsh effect on hair.
  • Contains heena, brahmi, grihatikumari, honey, aloe which are all considered wonderful for hair.
  • Is travel friendly (due to tight cap).

Khadi Hair Products review

Lightly lathers


What I do not like about Khadi Mauri Hair Conditioner

  • It is personal but my biggest con is being oily I bought shampoo meant for dry hair 🙁
  • Its name…which is so confusing! It’s a shampoo where as name is of a conditioner “conditioning cream”
  • Khadi products not available every where.
  • Don’t know it is a con or not but it lathers very lightly.

My final say is, since this is not for my hair type I’m not going to re-purchase it. It is strongly meant for “dry scalp”.

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  1. Wow! The name is truly very misleading Prerna..Their print is also so tiny so its so easy to pick up a diff product unknowingly..

    Btw, even I have oily hair…which shampoo of theirs do u use?

  2. Nice review…I am dying to try Khadi products…they are so affordable na!

    Can anyone tell me where to find Khadi in Bangalore?

      • Hi Swati,

        I remember last year when I went for a short trip to Blore, I happened to see Khadi products at Mantri Mall..They had alotta Khadi stuff there in one of the sores..Also I recall seeing some products at Reliance Wellness in Kormangala..M not too sure about Kormangala since i went there a long time back when i was based outta Blore, but m sure about Mantri mall..Do check it out.. 🙂

          • Haha! Btw, just giving u a heads up, Retailmart is currently out of Khadi ka body lotion and shampoo..They have everything else…But the gud thing about them is that they will pakka send u the pending stuff later once they get it..and they have great customer service..They will call within 24 hrs of placing the order and confirm the order as well :yes: :yes: Happy Shopping Swati! :victory: :victory:

              • Haha! Just a coincidence re..I also ordered some stuff last week and they called me telling me this stuff was outta stock and wud come in i another 2 weeks only..So just thought of tellin u.. 😉 😉

                  • ohhhh! I’d love to order stuff from CC…but i dont hav a credit card na..and they dont accept net banking/ cant go in for it..unfortunately.. 🙁 🙁 sad ishtory.. 🙁

                    • ok chalo then i will order from my side then we both can combine and i will send u the let me know if u r ok with the idea..?? they r way cheaper..

                    • Hey, that wud be way cool!! Thanks a ton ya…So sweet of u..I’ll go thru the site tmoro…Do lemme kno by when u wana order..will tell u wot i’d like by then for sure… :kissblow: :kissblow: Luv ya A!

                    • ok then lets make it phhhiinnaal :highfive:i will ask rash also if she is interested 🙂

                      and luv u too 🙂

                  • I had ordered their fruit face pack, and there was a combo of Khadi Apricot Face Scrub & Neem Tulsi Face Pack & Face Wash. I also ordered a lotion and moisturizer, but thats outta stock right now, so dunno wen that’ll come.. Cant wait for this stuf to arrive!! 🙂 :hugright: :hugright:

                    • M also eagerly awaiting for the parcel to arrive..I usually dont worry till they come, but the customer service ppl keep calling and updating and keep reminding me of the stuff…makes me more impatient!! :teeth: :teeth:

              • Yeps..ordering their contour and powder brush..i have their buffer brush and its lovely, so thought of getting these also..and m long over due to buy face qvs and vega ones r their deathbeds so to spk..hihi.. :bunny: :bunny: wot bout u? getting anything?

                • i liked the brushes only ..not too keen on lippies and nail paints..but brush looks really interesting ..infact there is no indian brand which sells buffer brush na?

                  • Exactly..none of our desi brands sell buffer brushes..i tried hunting but cudnt find it..i bought the one from AP about 4-5mts back and m loving it..and the dual fibres look awesome..Its my one and only dual fibre brush to be honest, som pretty partial to it.. 😉

                    • Haan..Ive heard alot bout the Sigma brushes..Wish I had them allll!!! :evilgrin: :evilgrin: :evilgrin: U one lucky Cookie A!!


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