Khadi Mauri Herbal Moisturizer with Saffron, Aloevera and Honey Review


By Prerana,

Khadi Mauri Herbal Moisturizer with Saffron, Aloevera and Honey Review(Indian beauty product)

Khadi Mauri herbal Moisturizer with Saffron, Aloevera and Honey Review

What Khadi Mauri Herbal Moisturiser Claims :-

Give the essential oils of vitamins for the skin. This herbal moisturizer is an effective combination of natural extracts like Aloevera, Jojoba oil, Apricot oil, Almond oil, Brahmi which lubricatesand moisturizes the skin externally and stimulates & restores skin’s internal dermal’s water balance making your skin soft and well moisturize.


  • Khadi Moisturiser ReviewIn my post of “different Khadi product description” I wrote, about this  different oraganisation which  make different khadi products, this pic is to show that this product is made by maruti mahila swawlambhi sansthan….a true Indian product :) 
  • Price Rs. 90/- for 210 ml

Khadi Products Review

About the product

  1. It comes in a regular plastic bottle with black and white packaging and flip open top.
  2. The product is quite runny in consistency and off white in color. When you will look it under direct light you will notice slight shimmer but on application it gives perfect matte skin.
  3. Due to runny consistency it is easy to spread and hence I use it to moisturize my whole body after bath.
  4. Due to the loads of natural oil in its ingredients list, 1st I thought it is not going to suit my oily skin but I was wrong, it absorbed nicely without giving me greasy feel, even after 3-4 hours of application. On the other hand I feel, due to its light nature it is not gona moisturize dry skin very well 🙁

Khadi Mauri herbal Moisturizer Review


What I Like about  Khasi Mauri Herbal Moisturizer

  1. It gets absorbed very easily and does not leave my face / skin greasy.
  2. Spreading the lotion on skin is very easy due to runny consistency.
  3. For summers its moisturizing ability is nice but I’m doubtful for winters when we need intense moisturizing.
  4. It make my skin soft.
  5. It has saffron, aloevera and honey which are well known nourishing agents for skin.
  6. Price is very decent, and if one applies it only on face it will go long way, I applied it to whole body and hence finished half bottle in 15days.
  7. It is oil-free so no greasyness in summers, no pore blockage and no breakouts.
  8. Has a pleasant smell, but the smell don’t last on body more than 30min.
  9. Pakaging is travel friendly.


Khadi Mauri herbal Moisturizer with Saffron, Aloevera and Honey Review

Runny consistency of the moisturizing lotion


Khadi Aloevera Moisturiser Review


Spreads easily and absorbs into skin quickly

Note : plz do not think it had made my skin fair considering the swatch pic, this is due to different light of my room while clicking picture!! 😀 😀

What I don’t like about Khadi Mauri Herbal Moisturizer

  1. My skin is more of combi type so my cheeks are dry as compared to my forehead, and I felt the need to re apply the moisturiser after few hours.
  2. Saffron, honey and aloevera sounds so magical but this moisturizer is just like a normal moisturizer which keeps skin soft and protects it, I didn’t saw any miraculous brightening or disappearing of pimple spots etc from my face.
  3. This is one con which I list in every review that is Khadi stores are not available every where.

Will I recommend / re-purchase the Khadi Moisturiser

I will recommend it to oily- normal skin girls, though dry skin too can use it but only in summers and a total no-no for all in winters! If you are looking for a low cost, light body lotion without greasiness and which don’t produces sweat in summers, then you can surely try out this moisturizers.

I will surely re-purchase it but only after I go through all the Khadi moisturizers available so that I can zero in my favorite one.. :dance::dance:

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  1. Khadi Prerana :-/ :-/ you are changing my name or surname :-/ :-/
    well, just wait a little so that i can try other moisturizers too and then will have a brief comparison… 😀 😀

    BTW Anu, mauri f.wash of bhumi must have costed her 110/- coz most of the f.washes were in that range only…mine too 😐

  2. nice review but the probs is khadi products are not available in here in my city ! btw now a days i m searching for good moisturizer for my combi skin initially peach and plum helped but now its not working for me !

  3. I have the plain aloe vera one.Although I totally love it, its too greasy for summers plus has an awful smell.But these do not seem to be a problem with this one.

  4. hello all…i recently brought a “Khadi mauri herbal – conditioning creme shampoo” 250 ml for 150/-….
    but what i liked about the product is that it had the approval of certain organizations like :
    1. GMP – good manufacturing practice
    2. 100% natural
    3. not tested on animals
    4. 100% vegan
    but are these really the standards which are applicable to judge a product.????


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