Khadi Mauri Herbal Orange Face Wash Review


By Prerana,

Khadi Mauri Herbal orange face wash Review

What it claims –

Soap free formula containing extracts of red sandal, neem-tulsi, rose petals, aloevera, hypenlum along with natural skin conditioners, this multiple ingredients cleans the face with its gentle foaming action while its active herbal ingredients keeps the skin free from acne, pimples and other infections.

Ingredients –


Khadi Mauri Herbal orange face wash Review

Price –Rs. 110 for 210 ml

About Khadi Mauri Herbal Orange Face Wash

  1. The face wash bottle has a tight flip open cap due to this it becomes travel friendly but on other hand it will annoy you everyday when you have to apply lots of pressure to open the cap.
  2. The consistency of the face wash is semi liquid gel type, orange color of the face wash appears as if you are cleaning face with orange juice, lol! If you apply it on dry skin and massage it will seem as a gel cleanser but if you apply it to wet skin, it will lather just like a soap.
  3. It washes away easily with less water without leaving any greasy film on skin.
  4. It makes skin squeaky clean which you will actually feel by touching your face but it also do not dry it and make feel stretchy! But still you must follow CTM after washing face..

Khadi Mauri Orange face wash review


What I like Khadi Mauri Herbal Orange Face Wash

  1. The face wash is very gentle.
  2. Makes the skin squeaky clean but do not dry out the skin.
  3. It is in liquid gel type consistency but lather very well when rubbed in between hands with water.
  4. It has a tangy orange smell just like rasna…you will wish to drink it, lol.
  5. Cleans with very less splash of water unlike some other face washes which are slippery and require large amount of water to wash away.
  6. Decently priced.
  7. Has a flip open cap so travel friendly.


soap free face wash+khadi mauri herbal orange face wash


What I do not like about Khadi Mauri Herbal Orange Face Wash


  1. Khadi stores are not found easily.
  2. It claims to be soap free but it lathers very well, I found this confusing because as far as I know soap free products don’t lather, please correct me if I’m wrong!
  3. It has parabeans and SLS as few of its ingredients which few girls avoid.

Will I recommend / re-purchase it –This face wash is good for oily skin as the orange extracts in it cleans away extra oil and dirt and ince it do not dry out along with cleansing so I think it will suit normal-dry skin as well.


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  1. We need to ban khadi products showcase…. :teeth: :teeth: i dont get Khadi anywhere here and you girls making me greeennn

  2. Nice review Prerana..must smell heavenly na? u wont believe i was reading this and someone came and sprayed orange fragrance wala aur freshner in the area..hihi..padhta padhte feel bhi aa gayi.. 🙂

  3. Hello Prerana “Khadi Guru” :giggle: :heh: … well Prerana tell me whether KHADI and KHADI Mauri are same product ?:-) ?:-) …. bad thing is that not able to find this product.

    • hahah i so agree i recently got a khad product it refuses to finishes up so i have started using it on my body also :D:D


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