Khadi Mauri Neem Tulsi Face Pack Review


By Zara,                 Neem Face Pack -Khadi Mauri Neem-Tulsi Face Pack Review

Hi All,

This is one of the Khadi products I bought online last month since I’ve heard a lot about the curative nature of Neem & Tulsi

Khadi Mauri Neem-Tulsi Face Pack Review

About Khadi Mauri Neem-Tulsi  Ayurvedic Ubtan for under-nourished skin

  • Make skin youthful, wrinkle free, glowing free from blemishes & scars. Repairs the skin & connective tissues damaged by UV rays
  • Company Claim:Controls acne, pimples, cystic acne, acne rosea absesses and other affections of the skin (Ayurvedic face pack)
  • Ingredients: Each 100gms contains neem patra 5gms, tulsi 3gms, aam seed 1gm, haridra .25gm, kamila .25g, horse tail .1g, nimbu .1g, chai vriksha .1g, beson 5g, tuls salva .2g, kaolin 10g, bentonite 10g, jai seed 2g, pudina .3g, multani mitti q.s. to 100g
  • Price: INR 50
  • Quantity: 50gms
  • How to use this face pack: Mix 2 table spoon of the powder with water/milk/curd to produce a smooth paste. Apply the paste on the face and allow to dry and then rinse with luke warm water.

Khadi Mauri Neem-Tulsi Face Pack Review

Like the other Khadi Face Pack powders, this also comes in a tiny tin container as seen in the pictures above. It has a simple description of the product giving details on the ingredients, usage and effects as well.

My experience with Khadi Mauri Face Wash:

Well, this absolutely did not work for me…This is the one Khadi product I’ve had a horrible experience with and would not recommend this to girls with sensi skin. Despite being a face pack which claims to cure acne and pimple, this worked the other way for me. Yes, it GAVE me pimples and acne..Infact, as I write this, I have a bout of acne on my forehead and 2 pimples symmetrically placed on both my cheeks..Grrrr…


Khadi Face Pack - Khadi Mauri Neem-Tulsi Face Pack Review

The powder is a light green shade and on mixing smells a bit medicinal. But the fragrance is by no means offensive or yucky.

I didn’t feel any tingling sensation after application. In fact at no point during application and drying did I feel like it wouldn’t suit me. After drying and washing off, there was a tiny bit of redness on my skin but I ignored it thinking that it would go away. I guess I should have paid more attention. Now my skin is going to take eons to clear up.

What I liked about Khadi Mauri Neem Tulsi Pack

  • Fragrance is not strong or offensive
  • Packaging is travel friendly.
  • Very affordable

What I did not like about Khadi Mauri Neem- Tulsi Face Pack

  • Horrible pick for girls with Sensitive skin like me. My breakout isn’t even a mild one. Its a full on war!! 🙁
  • Will I buy it again – Never ever!

By the way, does anyone have any suggestions or quick fixes for my breakout? I need to travel next weekend and was hoping to look nice, clean and a tad bit pretty..

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  1. Oh man…can neem also give allery??!!! take an anti allergy pill na the..and keep applying aloe gel on face..i used this loong loong dint do much to my acne so dint bother to get it after i finished it. i like their steel dabbas though..mum keeps asking me why dont get those dabbe wale cosmetics anymore!! :laugh:

    • well, i think it shud work for dry skin..i hav combi skin and it dint wok well.. shud try it though..u want it? bhej du?? atlest ul b able t try..

  2. Zara have you tried their under eye gel? I was thinking its time for me to get some under eye gel now..any suggestions anyone

  3. Oh i just checked, they have a herbal cleansing lotion for 85 Rs for 210ml !! i ordered it immediately..i guess this is the cheapest cleansing milk EVER

    • there price range is superb Mitra only thing is they don advertise their products a lot so many of us are not aware about them.Prerana brought them into the scene and i am glad now i too stock these.:)

      • Yes..even i hadnt used them till Prerana’s posts..i used to see them at shops but never bothered….but now i do like them..this is the only thing which hasnt worked for me..

  4. Seriously Rs 50 for 50gm …and tht too neem tulsi …I really want to try this Khadi brand …wish it will be available whichever city am visiting !!

    • Oh yes Priti..u can try their apricot scrub, their other many of their products have been reviewed here…they mostly work so well…

  5. Strange – I used to use this a couple of years back and it really helped me! Could it be the quality has deteriorated? I used to mix it with rose water – curd has never worked for my acne prone skin and now am hesitant to use milk too!

    This review is so disappointing :(. Infact I was hoping to ask what online site do u use to buy khadi stuff!

    • I got this from Yuvika..and the site is gud..i got some other products from Kahdi along with this and its working amazingly well..this is the only one which doesnt suit me…

      perhaps i got a bad batch…or maybe my skin is just too sensi.. 😥 😥

  6. Jewel, same question as ANu.. Kasturi Manjal and Red Sandalwood powder?? hwere will i find them in loose..preferably in Hyderabad or online


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