Khadi Mauri Peel Off Face Mask Review


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I won’t say I am a fan of Khadi products, but somehow I am attracted towards them, and they come at a price that I just can’t stop myself from trying out their products.

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  • Price: Rs. 102 for
  • About Khadi brand: Thousand of years ago India’s greatest sage established Ayurveda, of the knowledge of life. They saw all illness and all health as part of an interlocking whole – the mind, body and spirit – that must be treated as one. Each Ayurveda formula was designed with specific constituents for different healing purpose and cures. For their ingredients they looked to the natural world around them, using herbal extracts used by forest tribes since beginning of history. The set of face, hair and body products has been made in keeping with the principles of Ayurveda.

Product claims & contains:-

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Khadi Peel Off Face Mask gently draws out impurities and maintains youthful, healthy looking skin.

Benefits:-Khadi Mauri Peel Off Face Mask 

  • Cleanses the embedded particles, improves blood circulation and relieves stress
  • Useful in case of skin damage from UV rays, dehydration and aging as skin loses elasticity. Improves skin renewal
  • Removes excessive oils that clog pores making skin susceptible to acne and rash
  • Botanical formula contains natural anti-oxidants which help neutralize environmental skin damage.

What I like:Khadi Mauri Peel Off Face Mask 

  1. All herbal contents,
  2. It does removes all the oil from my face,
  3. Removes dead skin, as any other peel off would do.
  4. Price is a worthy thumbs up.

What I did not like:Khadi Mauri Peel Off Face Mask Review

  1. Did not find any claim about skin renewal, anti oxidants to be true, its just a plain and simple peel off,
  2. If I leave it for few more minutes, it makes my skin very dry and stretchy.
  3. I am not a big fan of peel off, specially this one because first time I left it on for a few more minutes and it seriously hurt, I had to wash it off with warm water. Just bought it for fun sake…. just for that pleasure, oh yeah I did shopping today.

Tip: If you try peel off for the first time, and if it hurts then wash off using warm water, do not try to pull else it will give you broken and damaged skin.

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  1. I luv peels!! i luv the pulling sensation…but i agree Divs, when it hurts it makes one see stars…wish this wud helps in some additional way instead of just removing dead skin tho..

      • I love orangy face packsssssssss soo muchh Divvs….and like u i am also not too fond of khadi or may be i have not tried their range enough.

        • Khadi seems to have disappeared, I had ordered some stuff from retailmart, after 15 days they tell me cant get it, infact they havent refunded my money also yet 🙁

          When I heard from you its at HYD airport.. I kept my eyes open at Lucknow and Delhi airport…
          he he infact when I had gone to Janpath I searched for them ….. but came back empty handed 🙁 🙁

          • is it..well i have read few of the readers complaining this only . a girl told me the same about how she oredered products from and they neither delivered the product or refunded the got to be careful abt the site now.

            • same here…in the middle khadi sales were on an all time high…and now suddenly nothing…its so weird na? homestop18 also had it but now they hav also discontinued khadi products…dunno y…

  2. I was so fascinated with the everyouth peel off that I immediately got that and thought that I will get the golden glowing face immediately 😀 😀 but it hurt really bad so stopped using it and after this disaster I never get fascinated with peel off masks…. 🙂 🙂


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