Khadi Mauri Rose-Sandal Soap Review


By Prerana,
Khadi Mauri Rose-Sandal Soap Review

The unique thing of Khadi soaps are their heavenly nice smell !! If you just sit and sniff them, then also you will feel relaxed. Because of this fact, my hubby is a bigger fan of Khadi soaps than me because it makes him relax and calm down after he returns from office and have  bath with it. The fresh and original smell of mogra, jasmine, rose, sandal, strawberry will just drive you into their world I can say…oops, I don’t wana be a poet and exaggerate but Khadi soaps are better than other beauty soaps and less expensive than other herbal soaps like Lush etc..I don’t wana to compare Lush with Khadi here, Lush crazy girls plz forgive me but this the fact which I believe!!


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What Khadi mauri rose-sandal soap claims

Sandalwood has cooling, calming and antiseptic properties and rose soothe the skin leaving it moisturized and free of infections.


There are about 20 different varieties of Khadi soaps available which has different properties according to the ingredients used in it. Here I’m reviewing my most favorite soap ‘rose-sandal’ whose heavenly smell made me keep it in my 1st preference out of the lot.



Khadi Kesar Scrub Gel,

You can very well see in the list of ingredients that, there is 10% rose water which is favorite of most of the girls, rose petals and rose essential oil about 2.5%, sandal is present in about 1% to make this soap. It is pure veg based soap so no animal fat is used, only pure, divine and “spa” type feeling with it.


Price Rs 54/- for 125g soap bar.

About the Khadi Rose-Sandal soap

  1. It is a translucent soap, its texture is like any glycerin soap (like pears).
  2. It smells like of fresh rose petals and sandal wood. After bath, skin feels soft and fragrant like of rose and sandal but the fragrance slowly-slowly diminishes.
  3. It lathers very well and cleans the skin which can be felt very easily.
  4. It doesn’t dry out the skin like any harsh soap but makes the skin some what stretchy (which is very normal with soaps) so moisturization with a light body lotion after bath is required.
  5. It seems like translucent glycerin soap but it last long much more than a glycerin soap (this bar lasted me 1month) that is, it melts very slowly.


Khadi  Kesar Ge Scrub Review

Translucent soap


Khadi Mauri Rose-Sandal Soap Review


Lathers very well
1. Extremely refreshing, gives you heavenly fragrant body after bath!

2. Do not dry the skin like other medicated or beauty soaps (but dry skin girls may need light

body lotion after bath)

3. Lathers very well.

4. Not very expensive in comparison to other herbal soaps.


1.Makes skin little bit stretchy.

2. The fragrance doesn’t remain after 1 hour of bath.

3 To some girls it may be still expensive as compared to dove, lux etc..

Will I recommend / re-purchase it

It is costly but in these hot humid summers of Delhi it is very refreshing and calming, I will definitely buy Khadi soaps but will buy other varieties along with rose-sandal like jasmine, orange etc..

I will recommend it to others too, to try it at least once, 50/- for a month is not too much in comparison to the refreshing and cooling feeling it gives.

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  1. I hv used this Khadi sandal soap & both me & my mum loved it. I hv combination/dry skin, prone to acne & sensitive as well. Not all soaps suit me, not even d original glycerine soap Pears. But this one was bang on!
    After using it, my face didnt feel dry at all, in fact it was moisturised, soft & smooth.
    I felt a little glow on my face which even my mum noticed.
    I love d sandal fragrance it has.
    It doesnt lather much but also very little is used at a time with minimal wastage.

    I totally totally love this soap! The only other soap which has been gud on my skin was Doycare AloeVera soap & Dove.


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