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Khadi Mint and Cucumber Face Freshener Spray

Hi Gorgeous Peeps,

Khadi face freshner review

Hope you all are doing fine.Today it’s all about a face freshener spray from Khadi Naturals.

About Khadi Mint and Cucumber Face Freshner Spray

Freshens up the face by removing dirt and cleaning pores. Active herbs like Mint, Neem, Cucumber and Basil protect the skin from germs and makes skin soft and fresh instantly.

khadi mint and cucumber freshner

  • Price: INR 95 For 100 ml.
  • Active Ingredients: Mint,Cucumber Water,Basil Leaves,Neem leaves,Wheat Germ,Rose petals,Base QS.

Khadi Mint and Cucumber Face Freshner Spray Review

  • Usage: Spray on your face. wipe off after 30 seconds with tissue or a towel.

My Experience With Khadi Mint and cucumber Face freshener Spray

This is a face freshener I got from Khadi Store. It is made up of completely herbal products and contains ingredients like basil, cucumber water, mint etc which are great for skin. The product comes in plastic spray bottle with simple opening cap and you can see the lush green color of the product which gives very sooth and oh so great feeling 😀

mint cucumber freshner review

Anyhow I have tried this product the same day I bought it.I came in the evening from market and sprayed it on my face and it removed all dirt and other impurities from my face 🙂 woooohoooo!!! It makes my skin so fresh and toned. The cucumber and the mint in the spray give a cooling feel.

I like the product as it comes with no chemicals and no side effects. Also, it is not drying and sticky in nature. It brightens up the face and gives clear looking skin instantly. I use it every morning and evening religiously. It is my holy grail product, my skin care regime is incomplete without this product. Also it is quite pocket friendly too. It prevents excess oil and sebum production which cause zits and acne. So you can use this as face freshener, cleanser and toner.

I would also say that it is a very useful product for working women in summers and humid weather as it has ingredients that are good for skin in summers and it is travel friendly too.

Highly recommended!! 🙂

Khadi product reviews mint

What I Like about Khadi Face Freshner Mint and Cucumber Face Freshner Spray?

  • Made up of herbal ingredients
  • Contains active ingredients like basil, cucumber, mint and rose petals which are great for
  • skin.
  • It works both as a cleanser and as a toner.
  • Removed grim and dirt and even light makeup from face.
  • Divine Fragrance.
  • A must have product in your skin Care regime.

What I Dislike about Khadi Face Freshner Mint and Cucumber Face Freshner Spray?

  • None for me.

Rating: 5/5

Until Next time Take Care !! 🙂



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