Khadi Mixed Fruit Glycerine Hand Made Ayurvedic Soap Review



Khadi Herbal Glycerine Body Wash Mixed Fruit Review

khadi Herbal Glycerine Body wash Mixed Fruit+glycerine soapI picked two soaps from i.e  Khadi Rose body wash bar and the other one is KHADI MIXED FRUIT HERBAL GLYCERINE BODY WASH.  I am very fond of fruits – eatable or for beauty purposes.  I thoroughly enjoy fruit facial clean ups etc.  So the very idea of having them in soap  form excited me.  I picked the mixed fruit version of Khadi body wash range. I love the smell of Khadi Rose body wash, it is completely a treat.  I wonder what the smell of mixed fruit will be like?? And thank god!! It is mildly scented.  I must say this soap is satisfactory when compared to the Rose body wash…Read on…

khadi Herbal Glycerine Body wash Mixed Fruit+khadi glycerine soap


  •  Price – Rs. 50 
  • Product Description – An ayurvedic body wash that cleanses the skin of  body dirt. It removes dead cells from the skin and gives smoothness and a soft feeling.
  •  Directions to Use – Apply body wash on wet body and face, rub to produce lather, then wash off.
  •  Ingredients – Each 100 gram contains : santra 0.2gm, ananas ext 0.2gm, mango 0.1gm, tulsi 0.1 gm, glycerine 0.3 gms, purified water q.s base to make 100 gms 



khadi Herbal Glycerine Body wash Mixed Fruit+mixed fruit glycerine herbal


 My Experience with Khadi mixed fruit herbal glycerine body wash:-

This a mixed fruit body wash bar which looks like Pears soap and also smells mostly like the mild Pears soap with a little hint of fruit.  The fragrance is not too strong and obvious.  Also like the khadi rose body wash this too lathers a lot which I really like. I like taking soapy foamy showers because that way I feel super clean 😛 This body wash has not dried my body and the stretchy itchy feeling is comparatively lesser than the Khadi Rose bar, so glad about it 😀

Almost all the soaps that  I have used so far tend to do that except Dove because it’s really mild and softening. The quantity is very good, lasts easily for 2-3 weeks and it doesn’t melt fast.  I wish it could be a little more moisturising so that I won’t feel the need to apply body lotion right after a shower. I quite liked Khadi Mixed Fruit Herbal Glycerine Body wash and found it pretty satisfactory.


What I like about Khadi Mixed Fruit Herbal Glycerine Body wash –


  •  Mild fragrance
  •  Lathers a lot
  •  Good quantity
  •  Doesn’t dry up my skin
  •  Last for a good amount of  time
  •   A herbal product


What I dislike about Khadi Mixed Fruit Herbal Glycerine Body wash –


  •   Could have been more moisturising
  •   Feels little stretchy/itchy
  •   Boring packaging

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Will I re purchase Khadi Mixed Fruit Herbal Glycerine Body wash ?


Well I might. Yes! It’s good for holidays and when you need a break from the normal soaps or body washes that u have 🙂


 Have you tried Khadi Mixed Fruit herbal Glycerine Body Wash?


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  1. Hey Gud Morninnnggg Rick ! 🙂

    Beautifully explained…This one sounds n smells yummm…got to try it out 😀 😀

  2. always tempted to buy khadi soaps but the khadi smell is unpredictable no? so always stick to fabindia.. 🙂
    just made chilli chicken yummmmmmmmm :rock-n-roll:

  3. I hv used a lot of Khadi soaps in most of the variants bt ye pata nahi kaise miss hogaya…will try it too now Ric! 😀 How r u? :hug-makeup:

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