Khadi Moisturizing lotion Rose Review


By Prerana,


What Khadi Moisturiser claims


Nourishing and oil free moisturizer which helps to replenish lost skin moisture. Use after skin treatments. It can be used for all skin types.

Khadi Moisturizing lotion Rose Review



Khadi Moisturiser review

Rose has excellent emollient and hydrating properties. It keeps the skin soft and properly moisturized all day long and fight any dryness and dehydration. It also has a stimulating action which fights aging and maintain a soft, dewy and youthful complexion.

  • Price:Rs 112/- for 210 ml bottle.
  • Available:All Khadi centersUse within 2 years of manufacture.
  • Packaging :Khadi moisturizing lotion Rose comes in a regular plastic bottle with a flip open cap. (which is very boring to some girls.) Though the packaging is very boring but the quality of the product is very good.


Khadi Rose Moisturiser review

  • Texture and consistency of the moisturizer :Texture is very smooth, bends very easily and absorbs into skin in few seconds. Being completely oil free, it gives a clean and dry finish. The consistency is very thick, sometimes I become very irritated to take out the product. I usually keep the bottle inverted on my rack due to this reason.
  • Color :It has a pinkish white color which is obviously due to the rose extracts in it.
  • Fragrance : fragranceh may not be liked by many of you as it smell like dried rose petals! But since it is not very over powering and lasts till I apply it I don’t mind using it.
  • Moisturizing ability :Because of its  thick  consistency its moisturizing ability is very good. In spite being thick it is not heavy at all and spreads on skin even with light hand massage. Due to oil-free formulation, it is non greasy after it is completely absorbed into skin. In my opinion it can be used by all skin types but in peak summers I would recommend oily skin beauties to stay away from it as it let my face to sweat in a temperature of 44 degrees.


Khadi Moisturizing lotion Rose Review

What I like about Khadi Moisturizing lotion Rose


  • It absorbs instantly into the skin effortlessly. Skin is moisturized with no stretchy feeling at the same time no greasy feeling.
  • Will suit all skin types
  • Can be used under foundations as it gives perfect moisturization with a dry touch to skin.
  • Due to flip open cap, it is hygienic to use.
  • Very affordable, 210ml for 85/- which will last you at least 3 months as only a pea size is enough for your whole face.
  • Can be used as body lotion due to non-oily nature.


Khadi Moisturiser for oily skin


What I do not like about Khadi Moisturizing lotion Rose


  • Sometimes I find  the flip open cap is too tight (it may be personal con) but I feel one day my nail will break down in the struggle to open the cap.
  • Since the consistency is thick, I have to keep the bottle inverted in my shelf! Otherwise it is very difficult to take the moisturizer out.
  • In peak summer (near 44 degree, if you go out) it will make oily skin to sweat a lot.
  • Packaging is very boring.
  • And of course, Khadi stores are not available everywhere.


Final verdict :I’v an oily skin and except may-june (the hottest months) I will use this moisturizer round the year. Khadi products have very low price in spite of the great quality it offers. I would love to include all Khadi products in my skin care regime, the only thing which matters is its availability.


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  1. Thanks Prerna! M always on the look out for gud skin products which r natural but don’t contain sandalwood and multani mitti and besan and haldi, etc, etc since M allergic to them. So this Moisturizer in Rose is really tempting..Plus, the fact that it is oil-free is all the more tempting! 🙂 🙂 Me wanntttt!!

  2. oil free moisturizer are something which i am always on hunt..and i don think so i will find rose petals fragrance annoying..i like rose scent soaps too :D:D

    nice review Prerana 🙂

    • Me too like rose scent..but not when its the over-powering types..This shud be pretty gud..I love non-greasy creams and never have enough of them..Thats y i like Fab India’s Vit E lotion..Sinks into the skin in seconds and no greasiness..If this is anything like that, its totally worth it!

      • i finished some 3 tubs of Fab India vit e moisturizing cream then i got bored of it…but it is such a great product to be used in summers:)

  3. hi Prerana thanks for the review, i like natural products.
    I like roses, so I am definitely gonna try this one, and i like the fact that it is really affordable.

  4. no, but i am gonna ask somebody to get it for me.
    Anamika do you have any idea where i can get Laneige products in Hyderbad?.

  5. hey dear i am in haridwar… once i have seen these products in vishal mega mart may be 6 months ago… but now they don’t have.and no chances of future purchase…………..


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