Khadi Neem Sat Herbal Shampoo Review


Khadi Neem Sat Herbal Shampoo

Agh! Do you not hate the hot summer days that have all of a sudden invaded us? At Kolkata it’s not just hot but also humid, a condition I HATE, because summer equals to itchy scalp, oily and limp hair for me. However, to combat it I got a few stuff from Khadi. This was one of them. These shampoos are available at quite a few Khadi counters around the city and also on several online portals, including Flipkart and Khadi’s own website (where they are running a 10% discount right now and has free shipping over 300/-).

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About Khadi Neem Sat Herbal Shampoo:-

Khadi Neem Sat shampoo is best for itchy and irritated scalp. It will clear and clean the scalp, prevent itches and infections and keep it healthy.

  • Key Ingredients: Neem sat, brahmi, tulsi, lodhra seeds, aqua, reetha.
  • Quantity: 210 ml.
  • Price: 95/-

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My take on Khadi Neem Sat Herbal Shampoo:-

The bottle is made of a sturdy plastic, with a flip top that is more or less good quality. My favorite part is there is a plastic insert under the lid that one can either remove when they use it or remove it altogether. I prefer to leave it as the shampoo does come out of the lid a bit faster than I like, and thus prevents it from spilling all over. The shampoo itself is quite travel-friendly due to the plastic insert.

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The day I first tried this shampoo was after I came home after almost a 12-hour day in the heat. My scalp was itching and my hair was feeling dirty from the grime and sweat. This shampoo is a vibrant green color, and has a pleasant, clean fragrance that doesn’t overwhelm me. As well, it has a nice smooth texture, although it can be a bit runny for me. When using it I liked the fragrance, and more importantly I liked the fact that the lather didn’t run down my face like other shampoos tend to. The smell lingers for a few hours, and so, those of you who are fond of a light smell in your hair post shampoo would love this.

I left it on for the prescribed time, 5 minutes or so, and rinsed it out. Afterwards, I brushed out my hair and was amazed at how soft my hair was, and how easy it was to brush through my curls. Even 2 days later my hair was still quite soft.  So yes, I am pretty happy about the shampoo, and the fact that I mostly do not need a conditioner afterwards and it does do what it promises to.

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What I like about Khadi Neem Sat Herbal Shampoo:-

  • Lovely smell
  • Lathers up nicely
  • Economic
  • Relieves me from dry, itchy scalp
  • Makes my hair soft
  • Does not require a conditioner afterwards (for my hair)

What I don’t like about Khadi Neem Sat Herbal Shampoo:-

  • Availability

Rating: 4.5/5

Verdict: I will definitely repurchase this. Quite good!

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 Have you tried Khadi Neem Sat Herbal Shampoo?

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