Khadi Orange Lemon Herbal Face Mask (For Oily Skin) Review


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Khadi Orange Lemon Herbal Face Mask (For Oily Skin) Review

Hello Girls!

I’m back with another review. This time I will show you a face pack that is meant to control oil on face. This product is a part of the haul that Ana sent me. Let’s see how it works.

About Khadi Orange Lemon Herbal Face Mask:


khadi orange lemon face mask for oily skin

Price- INR 120

Ingredients and Directions:

khadi orange lemon face pack review

Packaging and Texture: The face mask comes in a small stainless steel jar the kind that was earlier used in kitchens to store things. The label on box has pathetic grammar 😛 The box was wrapped in a clear plastic. The box shuts tightly but still I feel that it may open up while travelling so it is suggested to tie it in a separate plastic bag.

khadi orange lemon face mask review

The texture is of a smooth powder. It looks like Fuller’s earth. The fragrance is an amalgamation of lemon and citrus. It is refreshing and really pleasurable.

khadi orange lemon face face pack review

My take on Khadi Orange Lemon Herbal Face Mask:

I use this face pack with rose water. I apply the thick paste on my face and neck and leave it on for 15 minutes. Washing it off is easy if you wet it with a little water. As it is winter, I use lukewarm water to rinse the face pack off my face.

The instant brightening effect I see seems nice but as usual it doesn’t last. The face pack claims to clean skin and remove grease. The claims are true! Khadi Orange Lemon Herbal Face Mask makes my skin smooth and free of oil. The matte effect lasts for 3-4 hours which I don’t think is long enough. Still, I like the fact that this face mask makes my skin look fresh and rejuvenated.

khadi face pack for oily skin

The face pack doesn’t dry out my skin and makes it supple. I need a light dose of moisturizer on my face afterwards which is taken care of by Aloe Vera gel. Dry skinned girls may need a better moisturizer if they decide to use this face mask.

I will recommend this face mask to combination and oily skinned girls for an oil-free face.

What I like about Khadi Orange Lemon Herbal Face Mask:

  • Clears oil effectively
  • Good fragrance
  • Cheap
  • Does not make skin feel stretched
  •  Contains vitamin C
  • Not tested on animals

What I don’t like about Khadi Orange Lemon Herbal Face Mask:

  • Needs to be prepared by mixing with rosewater or any other liquid of your choice
  • I wish matte effect lasted longer
  • Complete Ingredients not mentioned

Rating- 3.5/5

Do I recommend? Oh yes! It’s a great product to have for combination and oily-skinned girls.

Have you tried Khadi Orange Lemon Herbal Face Mask?

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  1. Not for me! winters my skin is on the drier side but i like khadi face packs…still its not yur fav so i m not inclined too 😀


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