Khadi Peeling Scrub Gel Kesar Review


By Prerana,
Khadi Product Review – Khadi peeling scrub gel Kesar (with Rose)

Khadi Peeling Scrub Review

  • What The Product Claims -A powerful blend of natural scrubs which helps to clean dead epithelial cells of the skin. It nourishes the skin making it clean smooth and soft.
  • Price -Rs 110/- for 210 ml
  • Ingredients

Khadi Peeling Scrub Review Khadi gel


About the Product

  • Khadi peeling Scrub gel is a golden orange colored thick gel with small black scrubbing granules.
  • It comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a flip open cap.
  • The gel smells amazing, just like a mixture of rose and kesar


Khadi gen scrub review Khadi Product Review

Thick Gel 🙂

My experience with the Product

  • At 1st I was little irritated because the gel is really very thick (Jelly like) which just don’t come out of the bottle easily. Either you will have to store the bottle upside down or jerk the inverted bottle for 4-5times to take out the product.
  • Usually the technique which I apply for scrubs is, leave it on my face for 3-5min, then with wet hands massage in circular motion. I did the same thing with this gel and the result was noticeable smooth and glowing skin.
  • Although the gel texture is very relaxing to massage but the granules may turn harsh if massaged vigorously! The scrubbing granules are a little coarse and you need to be very gentle while scrubbing.

Khadi Gel Scrub Review


My Likes about this product –

  • Contains all herbal and natural ingredients.
  • Didn’t dry out my skin. After wash, skin was not having any stretchy feel (although I applied a little moisturizer)
  • Skin becomes noticeably smooth and glowing (might be the  Kesar effect). It definitely removes dead skin cells, can’t say about blackheads because now I don’t have any after using Clean and clear  blackhead remover :dance: :dance:
  • Smells heavenly! Like fresh red rose and sandal.
  • I don’t know if I’m sounding silly but, it can be good face pack as well
  • A little gel is required for scrubbing, so whole bottle (210ml) will end me at least3-4months.

My Dislikes about this product –

  • Firstly, it is very difficult to take the product out of the bottle as the gel is quite thick, it really irritates me  sometime! You will have to invert it, jerk it, press the bottle and then take it out :nerd:
  • The scrubbing beads may turn out to be little harsh if you apply the gel in large quantity or massaged vigorously.
  • Product is not for people with acne / pimple, the granules might scratch the acne!
  • Khadi stores are not available every where but online you can get if from here

Will I repurchase it –Well the best part of it which I like the most is its smell and gel texture which is not too greasy nor too dry, so I think I will surely repurchase it.:dance: :dance:

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  1. Prerana thank u so much for this review…by the way have u used fab india gel scrub..they are very mild mild…what is the difference between the two..??

  2. i think if girls scrub their face every alternate day, then black heads would never bother them…it will only be dead skin cells which could be well taken care of with some mild scrubs too..

  3. yup i scrub almost 3 times a week and i don exeprience any black head problem but over scrubbing too is dangerous..

    hey u heard Konkana sen is now a mother o a BABY BOYYYYYYYYY:)

  4. hi,
    can u tell me about how can i use these scrub i mean how many times use in a one week i dont no about like this thing so please tell me and how can i use after face wash or before???
    i want to buy this scrub from khadi
    i wil waiting for your reply Prerana



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