Khadi Rose Water Review


Khadi Natural Skin Toner Pure Rose Water

I picked up Khadi Rose water one and half months ago from Hyderabad airport and have been using it every now and then.As the Claims made by the company were quite high and   I am fond of rose water I thought this is going to be the “it” product for me 😛 but sadly I didn’t turned out to be the one.Khadi rose water reviews Khadi rose water


What Khadi Claims:-


Rose Water is a natural moisturizer and deep conditioner.A mild antiseptic and anti acne it improves complexion prevents ageing.An excellent after have lotion it is recommended for all face & body care.

  • Price – Rs60 for 100ml
  • Ingredients – Fresh rose petals, Aqua, Sediments if any are of rose petals
  • How to use Rose Water – Apply all over face & neck

Rose water reviews Khadi natural skin toner Pure rose water

My experience with Khadi Rose water


I am obsessed with DIY skin care  and therefore using rose water is must have for me   but sadly Khadi rose water has dissapointed me.It doesn’t moisturize my skin and deep conditioning ?? What Deep conditioner are they talking about ?My skin feel just nothing when I use it  and on top of it it has this fake rose fragrance which doesn’t make me feel any better.I judge rose water by the way its calm my skin which I did experience with Patanjali rose water and Fab India rose water but I it completely lacked in that respect.




Khadi Rose Water Ingredients Khadi prouct review beauty blog



  • Packaging – I  like spray bottle packaging and as that kind   is not available in most of the toners so I transfer them to QVS empty spray bottles which are available in New You stores.Sad part was that one day I took this bottle in my purse and I remember  tightening it but still the bottle leaked.Thankfully I realized  it before more damage could be done.After returning back I checked the bottle again and found that bottle leaks if not kept straight up.:pain:
  • Fragrance – It has strong artificially rose fragrance which is not natural I think

Rose Water Khadi natural skin toner pure rose water reviews

All in all I didn’t experience any kind of difference to my skin so  now I have  stopped using it in face packs also.From packaging, fragrance to effectiveness this rose water failed to impress me. Patanjali rose water and Fab India rose water still remains my favourite rose water.

 Wise She Rating – 2/5

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  1. Hey the Dabur one is not bad too!! Is the fab india one better? ?:-)
    I just spray it on in the night before I go to bed…. its kinda soothing and reminds moi hubby of rose milks 😀 😉

  2. :bangbang:
    I expected better from Khadi!
    You know this strong rose smell thing has started with Dabur Gulabari too. Earlier it used to be with mild smell and effective. Now it smells too much and even burns my skin.
    The companies shud understand that if ppl go for herbal brands, they obviously expect natural ingredients and don’t mind if these things are not flashy.

  3. Khadi is such a hit & miss brand. Some things work beautifully, and others are such duds. :no:

    I hate rose waters with artificial smells, even gulabari has that. It smells so chemically.


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