Khadi’s Kali Mehandi 100% Herbal ?


Neena asks,

Has anyone of you tried Khadi’s Kali mehandi .They claim it is 100% herbal.? Is it true?


Khadi Kali Mehandi experience 100% herbal khali mehendi

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  1. m not sure..but i honestly dont believe any packaged product can be 100% has to have some chemical so that it last son the shelves…Mehndi made by hand which is actually natural has to be discarded withing 3 days max to max (told to me by a mehndi artist)…so i presume that any packaged mehndi must pakk ahave chemicals in it..

  2. This leaves your hair Jet black, which I think no Mehndi can do…. and after a week, white roots start getting visible.
    I have not seen any adverse effects on skin or eyes like we see with other hair dyes.
    It is definately better than hair dyes but not 100% hebal

  3. hey anamika i just wanted to tell u that i am using amla- heena paste ( prepaid in the lohe ki kadhai one) twice in a week for 7 months and then i am using it once in a week and know i am noticing that some hair is black in tip and half is heena+coffee powder colour and in the root it is white .i am really confused that it is making white hair black on the top and white in the root tip or it is making my black hair only white . i couldn’t able to understand dear what to do or what not to doo . i had a great hope with this ……………………but i am not able to understand it is curing or effecting my black hair also…………….plzzzzzzzzzz help me dear


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