Kim Kardashian – Before and After Surgery


You all must have heard the news of a certain lady called Claire Leeson who spent $30,000 to look like Kim Kardashian. Seriously?? OK! Kim is stunning and all that but her current face is not even her own completely 😛

Even though KimK has always denied undergoing multiple procedures, she admits about taking Botox shots and cellulite removal. She also took vampire facials (ewwww!!) where blood is injected into face to make you look younger.

But is that really all? Most people disagree.

I looked at many of her pictures and could see quite noticeable difference. But again I’m not sure as I’m no expert and everything on internet is not trustworthy.

Kim attributes her chieselled features to ‘clever makeup’.

It can be a good idea to take a look at her pictures and make opinions. So put your scrutiny-glasses on and have fun-

Butt Enhancement


kim kardashian before and after surgery

Her derriere is just too famous and much talked about. It looks quite artificial to me at least as she is too slim to have that big derriere. Kim denies getting her butt enhanced. What do you think?

Breast Augmentation


kim kardashian breast augmentation

I’m not sure about this as I couldn’t find any convincing picture. The one here is credible but she is way too young in the first picture.

Kim has admitted to getting liposuction on her legs for her first husband.

Nose Job


kim kardashian surgery
KimK’s nose looks somewhat different from her older pictures now. This may be due to rhinoplasty. Though makeup can help but cannot alter the shape too much. Her nose looks sharper, thinner and shorter these days.

Lip Fillers


kim kardashian before and after pictures
She has such hot lips but again they may be looking better due to injections. During her pregnancy, Kim claimed that her lips have become plumper all by themselves. I never knew that such a thing could happen.

Facial Fillers


kim kardashian plastic surgery
Kim Kardashian’s facial features have changed a lot in a decade or so. This could be due to weight loss. Her chin has become sharper and her cheekbones have gone higher.

Brow Lift and Eyelash Extensions


kim kardashian before and after

Eyebrow lift is clearly visible on Kim’s face. She had nice thick eyebrows in her younger days which were not really high. But now her brows are the perfect arch and it can’t be done with tweezing only. Her eyebrows add to her sultry looks.

Eyelash extensions can never be verified thanks to the availability of falsies.

Her hairline is smooth now (laser hair removal) which used to be fuzzy.

What do you think about Kim Kardashian’s multiple surgeries?

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  1. OMG!!! She looks like a completely different person.. Wat happened to ‘born with features’???
    Quite entertaining post Maitri 😉

  2. Butts, legs, nose, lips, eyelashes, eyebrows, breasts, cheeks, chin!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! Is there anything left out:shocked:

  3. what is the use of this beauty if it is not natural… she is lucky that none of the experiments went wrong.. 😛

  4. it was so much reading this post…. she could have become NYs rakhi sawant if luck wud not have fared her well .. lol


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