Kirkland Signature by Borghese Mineral Lip Shine Natural Shine Review


This lip shine, which is essentially a no-nonsense classic neutral  lip gloss, is freaking AMAZING! Mineral based, for those of us who love Mineral makeup; neutral, for those of us who need to tone down our bright lipsticks at times; non-sticky, for everyone, so that we dont have to smack our lips apart everytime we want to talk!!

To acquire this, I strategized and I batted my lashes when my sister was leaving after her India trip and she so sweetly gave it up, without as much as a dirty look for the sneaky emotional atyachar I played on her, which is a big deal, considering how awesome this is! I guess that’s why they say being the younger sibling has it’s perks, hehe!
Kirkland Signature by Borghese Mineral Lip Shine Natural Shine Review
  • The Colour: A subtle mauve+pink with slight brown undertones.
  • The Texture and Finish: no shimmer/glitter, non-sticky, smooth texture with a soft shine.
  • Moisturization: Very moisturizing, which is one of my favourite parts!
  • Staying power: Not very impressive, maybe because it is non-sticky, lasts for around 2 hours tops and vanishes without a trace after a meal!
Kirkland Borghese Mineral Lip Shine Natural Shine Review+mineral lip gloss in pink
  • Dupe: Again, since I didnt buy this and know for sure it is not available here, I researches and Voila, it is pretty similar to the Faces Glam On Lip gloss in 044, as swatched here/Another possible dupe is the Faces Mineral Lip gloss in 02 Stone crush as swatched here
  • Application: Comes with a dense, very precise brush applicator which makes it very easy and non-messy to apply, even though as a rule I find brush applicators very difficult to use!
mineral lip gloss applicator+lipgloss applicator reviews +Lipgloss reviews
Recommendation: YES! It is perfect by itself for a no-makeup but still well put together look and it can tone down any colour you find too bright for your comfort, so YES, go buy this or it’s dupe for sure 🙂
Swatches as follows:-
                                                                                               Left: dense application, Right: Sheer, 
Kirkland Signature by Borghese Mineral Lip Shine Natural Shine swatches
Kirkland Signature by Borghese Mineral Lip Shine Natural Shine Swatches 
Lip gloss mineral pink+lip gloss pink gloss
  • Rating: 5/5 This is my definition of a perfect neutral Lip gloss, so will definitely pick up one of the Faces glosses once I am done with this one
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  1. This is such a pretty shade and I like the non sticky variety even more………This makes me wish I had a sister :-(( but I manage with the rakhi gifts 😛

    • I knowwwww! This is super useful. But going by the swatches, i thought faces glam on 318 is a closer dupe than 044. What do u think ana? ?:-)

      • The one you mentioned is a milkier version of this one Nafisa….I ll check but when i was comparing, i was confused between two and then narrowed t down to this one 🙂
        The mineral one is the perfect dupe though,hope the texture is the same too! 🙂

    • Thank you so much nafisa…yup,its a wonderful colour and everything! 🙂
      Ana…thats so sweet of you, thank you for appreciating the pictures too *hug* 🙂 🙂
      Z…yup, just wanted to make this post relevant for us who are in India and love the colour, luckily Faces thought of it too!! 🙂 🙂

  2. wow, such a beautiful shade, it’s a total mera wala shade, i love such lip colors.. it’s soo thoughtful of u to mention the dupes too..

    • Heyy upasanaa….how’re you? 🙂 yea seriously, its a gorgeous colour…everytime I read a new comment, I have to fight the urge to go put some on :))


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