Kitchen Cleaning Tips


No women can avoid kitchen. Be it a house wife or a working professional you have to take out time to maintain it. Of course for all of us it is a tire some and a mundane activity but if planned well and set in routine your kitchen can sparkle without much effort. The basic mantra is to plan well and stick to it.

First keep good clean Mops, brushes in small, medium sizes in your kitchen. People don’t realize but right shape and size brush does clean better and saves lot of time. For instance-Use a damp piece of cloth for cleaning the tiles on kitchen walls. For wiping dust from the floor tiles, use a damp mop. For sink stain use a scrub brush.
There are three natural cleaning substances which are magical and add sparkle to your kitchen. You don’t need to buy entire market products for every different area such as for your stove, tiles and sink. White Vinegar which is found in almost all Indian household acts like an all-purpose cleaner.

You can make a solution of 1 part water to 1 part vinegar and store it in a spray bottle which is easily available in the market. You can use your old spray bottle as well. This solution will clean most area of your home. It has an advantage of being incredibly cheap. Also please don’t use vinegar on Marble surfaces and always test on your tiles beforehand. In the beginning your home might smell of vinegar but once it get dried all the smells vanishes away.

If a vessel is burned then immediately put boiled water into it and add soap or detergent into it. Bring it to a boil and then let it cool down. The burned food will b easily removed afterwards.

You can clean your sink and kitchen stove with baking soda .It has no odor problem and food remain safe as well. Try and test baking soda before hand on the kitchen surface as it is little abrasive can harm Imported marble like Italian.

If you want to clean your mixer grinder ,blender or food processor then just fill the mixer half away with few drops of detergent and blend it. Rinse and wash it off with water. You can repeat the process if required.

Even if you have maid too then also never put dry utensils in your sink. Just open your tap for 2 minute and let all the dry utensils have water into it. This will help even your maid in cleaning them and she will not put harsh scrubbing marks on them.

Once a month take out all your food boxes, containers etc and check their expiry date. Throw away useless clutter and clean all the containers with a mop.

You can clean your fridge with baking soda or vinegar mixture. Try to clean your fridge every 10 days. Throw away used cans or expired and rotten food. Sprinkle vinegar lotion and wipe it out with a cloth. Will hardly take 10 minutes and your fridge will be organized.
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