Kitchen tip- Cooking with herbs and spices

Herbs and spices enhances the taste of the food items in a great way.I like adding herbs and spices to my food to get that extra zing to the dish.The best way to get out the aroma from the herb is by properly heating it be,  it at beginning or at the end though it is always advisable to add the herb at the end to get the best flavour out.
2.If you dry roast the herbs and spices then it will have the best smell and aroma.
3.Crushing herbs by your hand and then adding it into this dish enhances the flavor of the dish.
 Do you know any tips of herb and spices?
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  1. Thanks Rachana..I have not clicked this it from the net..

    how u doing?
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  2. wow!!! quiet an tip Tanz… i havent sauted it in butter ..just used it that way..only.
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  3. tarragon is a lovely herb, when sauted in butter, it can be added to things like alu chat to give it that extra zing.. i love adding it to boiled kala channa chat 🙂


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