Kitchen tip-Easy way to get rid of burnt taste of gravy while cooking it


Every one burn gravies some time or the other. Of course, it always happen accidentally and we have all the reason to prove it that it was not our fault. But instead of making excuses we can repair the damages. Here is a simple remedy to cancel out the burned gravy taste while cooking it.

Just when you realize that the gravy is burned pour it immediately into another clean pan and continue cooking it the same way. Keep adding little sugar and taste it in between to avoid making it too sugary and ending up with a sweet dish.

Adding little sugar cancels away the gravy burned flavor and smell .


  1. I burned the gravy after spending $30 on lamb stew meat! I felt so sick it tastes bitter and terrible. After adding quite a bit of sugar — I daren’t add more — it just has a slight tinge of burnt flavor — I will live with that ! Thank you for posting this, I can’t believe it really worked!


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