Kitchen tip-Easy way to store green chillies for long


To store green chillies take out all the stems of the chillies and keep it in any container .You can store them in zip lock bag too.Put the container in the fridge .Chillies will stay fresh for 20 days or more easily


If you want to store them 2-3 months then store them in a zipper lock bag and store it in a freezer.

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  1. @ Gunjan-He He good no this way you will eat less icecreams and wont ask me to give u weight loss tips..(Just kidding).Moms always r concerned abotu house and to avoid wastage..They are the one who makes a house a home:)@Sanjeeta-Thanks for liking my tips and also passing by again..Also if you have tips to share with readers then do let me know..I will publish them with the link of your blog:)RegardsAnamika


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