Kitchen Tip-How To Keep Raisins Fresh

Raisins are used in dessert like halwa and kheer in India and is preferred by kids a lot.Raisins help those who struglle in gaining weight too.Just take a cup of water and add 8-10 raisins in it .let  the raisin sstay in the water overnight and give it to the person who is interested in gaining weight.While eating raisins if the person drinks the water too then it will be more effective.Taking raisins with water every day will show result with in few months.
Coming back to the point of storing them and keeping them fresh
(1) If you keep raisins in an  air tight container and store it in the refrigerator then they will stay fresh for longer duration.
(2) If the raisins have dried up then pour hot water on them and drain them immediately.Spread them on a paper towel to dry them .Raisins will become fresh again.


Do you know how to keep raisins fresh?


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