Kitchen Tip-Simple Tip To Make Better Popcorns

Popcorn’s are an any time treat for me.I generally have them in evening so that I can have light dinner at night.

Here is a quick recipe of making popcorn in microwave

Pour a 1/4th cup of popcorn kernels into a paper bag and fold the top of the bag three times.Just microwave them for 40 to 50 seconds.It can some time take more time as well.Depends upon the quality of the popcorn.Remove the bag and take them out in a dish.
1.You can add lot many things to make it spicier like oregano, red chili flakes, salt and butter.
2.If you keep the maize or corn in the freezer then they will pop better.

Do you have tips to share for making better popcorns?


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