Kitchen tip – Tip to buy juicy lemon


By Gunjan,                              How to buy vegetables

When you buy lemon make sure that the skin of the lemon is thin.Thin skinned lemon or lime are much juicer.
If you microwave lemon on high for about 30 -35 seconds and wait for five minutes before cutting or squeezing them . it will release more juice
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  1. Ohh wow!! My mom is from Gujrat and i love gurati food..:)

    specially dhokla and khandvi:)
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  2. No problem!there is hardly any recipe of pao bhaji masala on net! Ammi is very fond of cooking and tries to do everything herself! Did I ever tell you that Im a gujrati from Surat? being a gujrati, we are really too much into eating and ammi luvs ur dosa tips too!

  3. No actually my mamas settled some time 25 years ago there …so i use to spend all my summer vacations there..Gujjus are cleanliness freak and very kanjoos 😀

    u too are like that kya ?:P
    My recent post Make up tips-Concealer application


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