Kitchen tips – Meat Marination


 By Gunjan, 


Never use metallic bowls to marinate meat – the acids (vinegar or lemon) can react with the metal bowls!!!Also, Add a small amount of sugar when cooking carrots, peas, beets or corn – this will keep the flavour 
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  1. This is a fantastic tip the way…u r such a fun loving girl…i love hearing so many things from u ..from your DIY to parties and fashion…

    i love being with talented people:)
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  2. Recently I threw a house warming party at my place and marinated the meat. I wish I knew this earlier!!

    Anyways, if you're cooking meat with Indian spices and in mustard oil, just be very sure that oil is propery heated as it can spoilthe taste and fry the spices until they start sticking your utensil in the bottom. I have learn these tips with my own experience and as my brother suggested.

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