KKCenterHK 2 Pieces Hi Styles Volume & Lift Hair Tool Review


I got this interesting hair tool from KKcenterHK.com which lifts up my hair and gives me this big hair poof look without using hair spray.I generally use Body shop volumizing mousse which doesn’t give me the kind of hair poof which I always wanted πŸ™‚

KKcenterHK  2 Pieces Hi Styles Volume & Lift Hair Tool reviews (2)

  • Price  - USD$4.43 available online here 
In $4 you get two pieces of it. I have just one piece here as I gave one to my friend who desperately wanted it after looking at my hair style .

2 Pieces Hi Styles Volume & Lift Hair Tool reviews+Hail life tools

These feel almost weight less on my hair and get stuck to the hair easily .If  you have fine thin hair then the teeth of the product might show but because it’s of black colour, it doesn’t look odd. Product is a great way to get the poof without teasing and pulling the hair πŸ™‚

Hi style volume products+ hi  pony tail

I did a simple hair style today with this tool  and it stays put throughout the day without shifting here and there. It doesn’t make me feel heavy or irritating infact after a while I feel I have nothing on my head. One can really go high with these on teasing but I prefer it this way only or sometime I use it to give a style as mentioned on KKcenterHK website.

Hi Volume hair tool+Hi volume hair tool kkcenterhk

Hi Volume hi styles volume hair+volumsing hair

I simple love how it poofs up my hair with in minutes and will recommend to those who are fond of different poof hair styles πŸ™‚

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Product sent by brand for consideration but it has not affected my review


  1. wow you look so pretty in this πŸ™‚ I can’t do poof style bz i look almost ganju from my front side :duh: fine hair has so much problem i tell you :shutmouth:

  2. you can take out some side hair from the front then do it..i too have a large forehead therefore i follow the same strategy πŸ˜›

  3. Gorgeous hairdo, A!! I have seen a lot of friends in college using this kinda stuff…never tried it myself though!.. πŸ™‚

    would it work on hair that hasn’t been tied in ponytail? ?:-)

  4. hey this is so cool! i dint even know that something like this existed also….so useful! i usually always do my hair up this way now…this is super helpful πŸ™‚

  5. hey anamika!! must say ths is a total eye opener for me!! i dnt even knw if such a thing existed..wow,ths place never fails 2 amaze me!! :clap-n-jump: :clap-n-jump:

  6. I always see such thngs, specially in foreign websites.. .
    I thnk it’s a retro style hair style, isnt it? ( correct me if wrong )
    If i try these hair styles here, people will stare me like i am from outr space.. jadoo :drunk:

  7. hey ana …. this is so awesomeeee πŸ˜€ and am gonna def. try to buy this online ….
    the only confusing thing is will it suit me ?? ?:-) ?:-) ?:-) ?:-)
    but leave me ….. yuo are looking absolutely adorable in this honey :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

  8. cho chweet…… this is back in fashion na!! I keep seeing so many gurrrlzz wearing this here in b’lore. you look sooooo cute Ana.. love the hair style and the hair and the scarf πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Mujhe chahiye…… mummmyyyyyyy :'( :'(

  9. i have one and i love it!! more so cuz this elongates my face…i am round πŸ™‚

    this looks lovely Ana…and so cheap…i will order once i’m done with the current one πŸ™‚

  10. This is awsome! Looks good on you Ana!
    I’ve never tried anything in terms of Hairstyles so donno how it would look on me… but I feel like getting one..
    Can you use it with letting the hair free? I mean without any rubberband or ponytail etc? Will it stay on?


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