KKcenterhk Nail Accessory 3D Design Sticker Review & NOTD


KK Centerhk Nail Art Stickers

3D Design sticker is an interesting way of nail art especially when one is in hurry or have shaky hands.One just has to stick them onto their finger and toe nails.


Nail art design nail accessory


These stickers can not be re used and stays for maximum of two days.They didn’t come out while washing hands or anything and one can even stick some stones to make the design interesting.


3d nail design+Nail accessory designs 3d designs


This is how the stickers looks on the nails.As my camera was too near to  my nails you  can see the transparent tape on it otherwise its hardly visible in day light.


nail art design 3d designs


nail art 3d designs+3d designs


It was quite a lot of fun trying it out 🙂

nail art designs 3d desgins


I have  used similar kind of stickers here also  which I got from New You store.

Have you ever tried 3D Nail art designs stickers ?



  1. thanks for finding the shade :dance: :dance:
    …i will check it out next time I visit them…today only I got a pink tweezer from Faces canada with stones…its soooo preety :clap-n-jump:

  2. Hi Anamika,

    I ordered a few products from urbantouch.com which included sally hansen nail polish remover. When I recieved the package the nail polish remover’s cap was open and all the liquid got evaporated leaving behind an empty bottle. Please tell me what should I do in this matter?


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