Kkcenterhk Neon Glitter Review & NOTD


KKCenteHK N.NAIL 1.5mm + 0.2mm Neon Glitter- C06

When I first used these Neon glitters, I thought they will be a perfect match with my Christmas tree but  somehow the  product didn’t impress me much. It reminds me of the scintillating, glossy Archies wrapping paper I loved to pick in my teens to give gifts 🙂

Price – $6.32

KKCenterHK NEON glitter review+neon glitter nail art +NOTD


These are from KK Center HK and are 1.5mm in size which is slightly bigger than what I would have preferred. The shade is really pretty but I don’t know how to make it work .I mixed it in a transparent base and pink shade also, but it didn’t come out well .


neon glitter+neon product reviews


Only way it looked little better was when I applied a nude nail paint and spread the neon glitter and sealed them with a transparent coat.


neon glitter nail art +Neon glitter nail art +nail art glitter


Still nothing much interesting

Nail art neon glitter KKcenter hk


Have you used glitters of this size before Or can you suggest any way to make them work? 🙂


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        • i get that.. what u shud do is: dip the tip of tooth pick in water or run it on ur forehead or nose when u have slightly oily skin..maybe by afternoon or evening..and then try to pick up the glitter..m not sure if it will work 100 percent..but try. and place a thin line of top coat on ur nail line..and drop glitter on it..u shud have a well defined line of glitter! 🙂

      • I thought so. I have a glitter from Revlon and at times I have to do a bit of placing to get proper coverage.
        I also have beautiful pink glitter with heart shaped big glitter in it which I have to literally fish and place.
        You can see why I am not a big fan. 😛

  1. lovely color…but the glitter is too chunky for nails. U can use this on a plain bangle n coat with transparent varnish to seal ana. Am sure it’ll luk very priddy :-)) u can use it in a similar fashion to jazz up strappy sandals

  2. Not sure..they look quite chunky na….Anu pick up these glitters from Kathiwar which actually sell as an eyeshadow….they are fine and GILTTERY….cost some 35 Rs per box..add it to you transparent polish…looks good


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