KKcenterHK Wales 20 Color Eye Shadow & Blush MD202C Review & Swatches


KKcenterHK Wales 20 Color Eye Shadow & Blush MD202C Review & Swatches :-

Hi Beauties 🙂

Today I’d be reviewing the palette that I received from Ana :makeup: It’s the palette from KKcentreHK, the manufacturers are Wales. I did a look using this palette, you can check it here. Now let’s get into the review 🙂

KKcenterHK Wales 20 Color Eye Shadow & Blush MD202C Reviews

  • Price : USD$16.88

Features :-


  • Make Up Set Extremely Portable.
  • 100% New, Never Been Used
  • Case Is Black( with 2 brushes and mirror)
  • 20 Color Eyeshadow Blush Make Up Palette
  • Suitable For All Day & Night Make Up
  • Size : 238mm X 175mm X 20mm
  • Can Be Used Party Or Professional Make Up



KKCENTER HK eyeshadow reviews and swatches


All the Following swatches are taken in natural light :-


  • Shade no.1 is a white pearly color, not pigmented and kinda dry.
  • Shade no.2 is a metallic silver-grey mix, is decently pigmented.
  • Shade no.3 is a pigmented black shade, with very minute silver shimmer.
  • Shade no.4 is a very beautiful silver influenced mauve-pink color and is decently pigmented, and smooth.
  • Shade no.5 is a a purple color, in the swatch it looks dry, but it is also smooth and decently pigmented with silver shimmer.
  • Shade no.6 is a bright sunshine yellow color.
  • Shade no.7 is a shimmery mustard yellow color.
  • Shade no.8 is a gold yellow color.
  • Shade no.9 is a peachy coral color.
  • Shade no.10 is muted rust-brown color.

KKcenter HK eyeshadow swatches KKcenterHK Wales 20 Color Eye Shadow & Blush MD202C

  • Shade no.11 is a bright parrot green color 😛 with silver tones.
  • Shade no.12 is a sea green color with slight bluish trace.
  • Shade no.13 is an emerald green color with shimmer.
  • Shade no.14 is a very nude skin color, is dry and hard to build.
  • Shade no.15 is bright silvery fuchsia pink (sorry the swatch is looking weird)
  • Shade no.16 is a shimmery bluish green color.
  • Shade no.17 is a denim blue color, looks a bit dark with hints of purple in pan
  • Shade no.18 is a matte bright turquoise blue color.
  • Shade no.19 is pale pink color.
  • Shade no.20 is a coral pink color, very subtle and gives a healthy blush to cheeks, is not decently pigmented to be used as an eye shadow.
  • Shade no.19 and 20 are blush colors, rest all are suitable and best used as eye shadows as they have shimmery particles. Although the shimmers look chunky in the pan, but when used they blend well.

KK Center HK swatches KKcenterHK Wales 20 Color Eye Shadow & Blush MD202C

    What I liked about KKCenter HK Wales 20 Color Eyeshadow 


    • Most of the shades are decently pigmented, except for few.
    • Glide on easily.
    • Suitable for party looks.
    • Each pan size is bigger than a Rs 2.coin, so they would last long.


    What I do not like about KKCenterHK Wales 20 color eyeshadow


    • Many wouldn’t want big pans of colors which don’t offer variety of colors.
    • Only 2 blush colors, which are li’l difficult to build and staying power is hardly 2hrs. Once they fade away, they don’t leave any hint of color, but silver shimmer is left behind which looks dire :nono:
    • Not suitable for daily wear.
    • Some eye shadows are dry and cakey and hard to put up.


    Final Verdict: – Although this palette offers some good color options, but these are similar to the palettes available on ebay / buyincoins etc, available at lesser price with same quality. Also in my opinion, I would prefer to buy a palette with more color options at such a price, without compromising with quantity 😛


    Godbless !! 🙂


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    1. It has such a nice variety of shades…i was surprised that the black came out so pigmented! :yes:

      On a different note, I have been toying with the idea of starting a blog of my own :-/ :-/ :-/ Do you guys think it would be a good idea?


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