Konad Acetone Dispenser Review


Have you ever had those moments when you’ve wanted to remove your nail polish and took some cotton, topped over your polish remover onto a swab of cotton and then suddenly had an unfortunate and stinky spill? Or simply get irritated at having to screw the lids on and off time and time again? Or even closed off your bottle thinking you’re done, but then spotted a tiny bit of polish remaining and groaned at the though of having to go through the entire thingmajig again??

Konad Acetone dispenser review+ konad review

I’m sure most of you go through this..espeically polish lovers who change their Nps on a regular basis. Maybe it’s just being lazy but I hate having to screw and unscrew bottles time and time again when I remove polish. For the longest time, I wished for some contraption by which I could do away with these lids and one fine day I saw an acetone dispenser in a makeup collection video on Youtube. I was amazed at the idea that such a thing even existed and was even happier when I happened to see a smaller duplicate on Snapdeal from Konad for 200bucks (INR225). I immediately snapped it up and here it is for your viewing pleasure.
Konad Acetone dispenser review+ konad

My take on the Konad Acetone dispenser:

This looks like a simple bottle from the outside. It’s clear which is an advantage coz then you know when it’s time to refill. To refill, you just have to unscrew the lid and that’s it. The main top lid is a flip top which is there to prevent quick evaporation of the acetone. It has a tiny dish base which is connected to a tube and has a pump mechanism such that when you put the cotton pad on top and push down, it pumps up a good amount of acetone. I need about 2 pumps to get adequate amount of acetone..so there is no excess or wastage.
Konad Acetone dispenser review+ konad dispenser


I love, love, love it!! this has made my life soooo much easier…Now I just fill up the dispenser and keep it on my vanity. When ever I want to use acetone, I just take some cotton, flip open the lid and pump out the required amount on the cotton and use it..No fuss, no jhanjhat! Amazing right?



Konad Acetone dispenser review

Why I love Konad Acetone dispenser:

  • Very very convenient
  • Not at all messy
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to use
  • Compact
  • Don’t have to worry about keeping the remover out in the open and evaporating.


Why I don’t like the Konad Acetone dispenser:

  • The only thing is I found it a tad bit too pricey for a clear plastic bottle with a pump…I’d have though that this size of a bottle would cost max 100 bucks..


Ratings: 5/5

Have you tried the same or any different kind of acetone dispensers??

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    • hehe..plain luck that i found this…i wanted something like this for the longest time….it can b used to store makeup remover also 🙂

  1. Z, this is just the dispenser right, you can fill it with acetone or organic acetone-free remover ??
    Sounds great buy to me ..

  2. I got the same plastic bottle dear zara from a chemist in Mumbai and put my Ingot nail paint remover in it and it is a nice bottle. hardly cost me 100 bucks.


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