Konad Nail Art Stamping – Flower Nail Art Design


A sunny winter afternoon motivated me to unbox my stamping kit and try  some easy peasy nail art designs.:) I got this KONAD image palette and KONAD special nail paint from nail and beauty website.

Konad Stamping Nail Art+Flower nail art

For this nail art I used  Layla nail polish shade 205  as base and with KONAD image palette made these flowers .I applied silver shimmer nail paint on tip of the nail.Ok!  thought of applying on the tip and then went ahead little more as I was loving the silver shimmer on it.

flower nail art KONAD+KONAD stamping nail art tutorial

Sealed the nail art with a transparent coat.I use Sally Hansen insta white nail brightener nowadays for the top coat.

Silver flower nail art with KONAD+nail art tutorial +KONAD

and I am done 🙂

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  1. anamika this seriously sooo pretty and the Orchid type flowers look so gorgeous! Please temme where could I get myself a konad stencil like this? Its utterly awesome!

  2. Hey please suggest me a brand for a good lip pencil? my Chambor is about to get over, its the only product which I will not throw coz it expired.FIRST!!! My God! :reallypissed:

      • haan…especially coz the folower petals r not those perfectly symmetrical types which look like a template…these luk carelessly drawn and yet so clean and neat..


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