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Hi Everyone!  This is my first post on Wiseshe and I am so  happy. :-)  Looking forward to a long and healthy relationship with Wiseshe ;-)  …Okay so today I will be reviewing a BB cream by Konad. Konad is a Korean brand and I know that the ‘‘real’’ BB creams are Korean/Asian, so that is the main reason I bought it. They have launched two BB creams in India , One is their Iloje Flobu BB cream priced at rs 950 and this one for teen girls.Let’s move on to the review.

Konad Niju Girl Teens BB Cream Review pack+what is bb cream

About Konad Niju Girl Teens BB Cream:-

 Konad Nijugirl Teen BB Cream with its non-oily and silky texture prevents the skin from infections while making it more hydrated and moist. This cream covers the blemishes, corrects the skin tone and gives a confident look to your face. This cream spreads evenly and smoothly on the face and does not make the skin sticky. Features and Benefits Improves skin tone Makes for a perfect base before foundation

Price: Rs 399 for 30 ml


Konad Niju Girl Teens BB Cream Review Ingredients+best korean bb cream

Packaging : The product comes in a very pretty pink girly tube,it is prettier than all other BB creams available in the market, the tube itself comes in a transparent see through cover with a  girl drawn cartoon-style 🙂

Konad Niju Girl Teens BB Cream Review+bb cream reviews

My Experience with Konad Niju Girl Teens BB Cream:

I have been using this product for 2 months, so I can definitely sum up its pros and cons by now.

First of all, it itself claims  it should be used before foundation, so I was expecting sheer coverage, but  after using it I was pleased to see that it gives sufficient coverage to hide minor flaws/imperfections. The texture is smooth and it blends nicely but leaves a white cast if you use too much, I really mean way too much. It is silky and the finish is semi matte. I don’t get it why they have named it as teen’s BB cream but as a 21 year old,I can say I do not find it greasy/heavy but like all other stuff I have used before, I feel like blotting/touching up my tzone after 3 hours. I think teens with combi/oily skin would feel the same but one thing I have noticed is it does not break me out at all, not even once so it is definitely made for acne-prone teens.

Konad Niju Girl Teens BB Cream Review Hand swatch+best bb cream

Let me tell you I do not have major skin problems, I have occasional acne and somewhat uneven skin tone so almost all BB creams have same effect on me but I could see it covers better than the other BBs I have used before (Insert Ponds, Maybelline and Garnier ) and feels better on my skin. Now the sad thing is it is only available in one shade! Luckily the shade suits me, for your info, I have the same skin shade Deepika Padukone or other medium skinned Indian women have, I will call it wheatish but I have seen some rather fair skinned people call themselves wheatish so I am confused lol. Anyway this BB cream is not the best but it is good, better than Garnier and Ponds atleast.

What I liked about Konad Niju Girl Teens BB Cream :

  • Smooth,silky texture.
  • Super pretty packaging.
  • Non oily.
  • Color matches me.
  • Gives enough coverage to hide minor flaws.

What I do not like about  Konad Niju Girl Teens BB Cream :

  • Priced higher than Ponds,Garnier,Lakme etc.
  • Can give a white cast if not blended properly or  if used a lil too much.
  • Only one shade which will not match alot of skintones.
  • Will not hide acne/dark circles etc.

Will I recommend it to others: Yes do check this, if it matches your skin tone, great, if not then :/  It is worth a try.

Rating : 4/5

Have you tried Konad Niju Girl Teens BB Cream?

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