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Hello Beauties,

I recently took a road trip to Rishikesh! Well, I really enjoyed this much needed break. It has been a hectic month of work and festivals but its not that I am complaining. I love being busy and love life.

A brief while ago I re-invented my hairstyle by going a little short & colored my hair with L’Oréal Paris Casting Creme Gloss in Dark Brown! So a lot of my appearance has changed now which I am really loving these days & the best part is I did it all at home!


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Talking about my Khoobsurat experience while on a vacation when you literally have no time left to manage your hair woes as you have a toddler to take care of while holidaying! So to avoid my hair style fall flat on me, I decided to try a simple trick for a great hairstyle which can be styled easily in a few minutes without the long procedures of hair drying & curling or straightening them! You can also try some hairstyles on  Get The Look.

At night, during my holiday, I washed my hair & made a bun out of it! I kept the bun like that for the whole night so when I had to get ready in the morning of course only after dressing up my bundle of joy, I opened my bun & let my hair loose like that! I didn’t comb my hair & only managed few strands by running my fingers across them!




That was surely a Khoobsurat Experience for me as I managed to come up with a lovely hairstyle in a hefty & also without spending much time. 🙂 The natural curls & ringlets of my hair made me really happy as I hardly used any curling iron rod or hair styling tool! Yayy!

L’Oréal Paris Crème Gloss color makes my hair really look gorgeous & the instant hair styling idea of mine worked very well together! I really received great compliments from a few fellow holidaying people!

I literally felt great adorning this unique & easy hairstyle & felt Khoobsurat at that moment of time!

I think its is a great easy fix hairstyle a woman can try on a vacation where you don’t have much time to do your hair properly with styling tools which obviously take a lot of time!

Stay Beautiful Girls! Feel Khoobsurat!!

P.S- Post in association with  Loreal Paris India

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    • Thanks Krupa..we are still working more on it..I am sure it will look better than this one too ..keeping finger crossed 🙂

      • Anamika, in this new website format, I dont see page numbers anymore … So if I dont visit the website for a day or two .. the previous posts get lost and dont know where to find them .. Will you be adding the pages numbers like you had previously?

  1. i too have a similar trick… since i have wavy-curly hair.. any hair do wud just not do any fair hair style

  2. The shades, the necklace, the curls, the dress and the look- full marks on each and every front…you look beautiful girl…and the road trip wow I am going to Mandu 2morow, will be taking road trip now!

  3. i do this to my fine hair too if i hv an event in the eve. Tie a bun after washing hair, open in the eve and use a hairspray. It lasts for 3-4 hrs even on me 🙂

  4. Perfect look for the Khoobsurat Moment! I like your tip! I usually will go for a tied up look as my hair start tangling on opening for more than one hour! 🙁


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