Korean Bridal Makeup : How To & Tips


Korean Bridal Makeup : How To & Tips

We have so far covered the beauty secrets of Korean women and what they tend to do for their flawless complexion and problem free skin!

And today we will be talking about the basic Korean Bridal Makeup. Usually Asian bridal makeup is considered to the most elaborate and involves the use of bright colors, bold eye & lip makeup! On the other hand, many western countries depict the bride as a simple beauty in her true form and the look is kept very subtle. Like wise Korean bridal makeup is too done with simple and basic makeup tips. Also it without the use of too much color on the skin!

Korean beauties are blessed with mono lids & small eye crease which makes them look different. The special features of the nose and face shape is what makes them stand apart in a crowd. Coming to the how to part, I have summarized the basic step by step tips below-

korean bridal makeup

Choosing a Base-

Well, it may look like an everyday makeup but bridal makeup is much more elaborate than we think it to be. Choosing a suitable foundation or base with optimum coverage is so so important. Along with that it should be long staying as you are going to involve in the rituals and the celebrations when you won’t have enough time for touch ups and you cannot let your foundation look patchy or cakey after few hours! Its the most important day of your life so make sure to choose the best product suited for your skin tone.

Choose a light coral or peach blush as per your complexion and that will add a fresh glow to your face!

No SPF foundation-

Choose a foundation or base with a lower SPF value as they have a tendency to flashback when you are getting captured by the flash photographers!

korean bridal beauty

Simple Eye Makeup-

You must have seen many Korean brides in movies and anywhere on the internet, the eye makeup is very subtle because they have mono lids and the eye crease is smaller in comparison to other Asian women. So you should stick to nudes & brown shades for the eyes to make them look appealing yet natural. The Urban Decay Palettes would be great for achieving this kind of look!

The eye look should be classy so that you don’t repent it when after few years you look back at your bridal photo shoot pictures.


Choosing the lip color which is as subtle for your skin tone would be the best idea to pair up with your classy makeup. You can go for glossy or matte lip color depending upon what looks best on you! Choose shade which give a natural hint of color on the lips and stay put. Long staying lip color should be an obvious choice as you are going to pull it off for long duration! And not to mention it should be kiss proof! 😉

I hope you like these Korean Bridal Makeup how to tips!

Which Bridal Look do you like most?

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