Korean Facial Sheet Mask Review


Korean Masks  Review

Recently I went to Kathiawar store in Hyderabad which is a one stop junction for all beauty and makeup junkies.Mitra told me about these popular Korean facial masks available there and when I saw then I immediately started stocking them up.One the masks
These are decently priced and cost Rs 30 each.

What Is Korean Facial sheet masks –

The brand new placenta faical pack is made with the innovative fiber technology to effectively infiltrate into deep skin to replenish moisture quickly and touch skin more completely without any hormone, with high water content to make skin absorb placenta essential liquid and nutrients quickly , repair, atrophic cells ue to oxidization , strest wrinkles, activate skin’s elacticity , leaving it white, ruddy and elastic instantaneously

Ingredients:– RCF, Placenta essence, HA and NMF etc,

How to use Korean facial sheets:-

After facial cleansing, apply the mask onto whole face , remove air bubble, have  a rest for 30 minutes then remove the mask and rinse off with clear water.

Preuty Intensive whitening facial masks whitening essence

Korean face masks review/Korean facial sheet masks review

There is just one sheet in the foil sachet which can be used just once.It is soaked in some essential liquids and all I had to do was take them  and wrap it around my face.The size of the sheet was way to big for my face therefore I kept pressing on to the areas where I felt the liquid will  not able to reach like corner of my nose and under eye areas etc.

Korean face mask +skin whitening face masks reviews

One is suppose to keep the mask for 30 minutes and them remove it off and wash  the face with clean water.Moment I applied the mask my skin feel cool and relaxed.It has this calming effect which is so good to use at the end of the day.

To get the best effect it is very important to cleanse your face nicely.Using lukewarm water will be a better idea as it open up the pores and the face absorbs all the nutrient ingredients.


I don’t see any remarkable difference  as far as skin whitening is concerned but they do help in removing some bit of tan and bring that healthy glow on my face.Masks sheets completely relaxes me up and they are travel friendly.If you go on vacation and enjoy sports stuff then these sheets are an inexpensive way to rejuvenate yourself.Just put them on and read our favourite book 🙂

Facial sheets+Korean facial masks sheet

What I notice is when I take out the sheets from the sachet  there is quite a lot of liquid ingredient left which I didn’t want to go waste so I got these dry facial masks sheets which are 100 in numbers and cost just Rs 150 .These are made up of cotton fiber and even if you use them in various ways.Just dip them in home made green tea toner and  use them the same way like korean masks  and many others ways which I am going to tell you soon 🙂

Facial masks sheets review

Will I recommend it to others –

If you are looking for a healthy glow and some pamepring then do try them they are worth a try 🙂

Wise She Rating – 3.5/5

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  1. just a day or two..but i find them a great relaxing thing for working woman where they just want to sit ,relax and then there is no mess..just take them off and throw..

    • I tried looking for it on ebay .. but i couldnt find it ! They show some product from USA … Do u have a link or anything ?

      • Neha, u can try checking out Beauty Center..m sure they wud have this and all other variants…if not then pakka Ebay will have…but pricing may b higher on ebay…so check out the store first..

  2. i will search and let uknow or if Zara finds it she will give u the link..i did see some korean masks on e bay but i am not sure whether they were of US pricing or Rs pricing.

  3. nice review Anamika, i like sheet masks. Green tea and collagen walas are too good.
    They smell great , and very relaxing. You don’t have to wash the face , you can actually massage the liquid/serum in to the skin, it makes the skin glowy 😀

  4. i just kept it for 30 mins then i massaged the leftover serum on face.
    By the way i scared my bro with that mask :jittery: :rotfl:

  5. Arre wah….i got those aloe vera masks from this range…and the liquid that is left needs to be applied to hands and neck….

  6. I saw those Placenta ones when i went their but i was so put off with the ingredient..and i dont know what placenta does to our skin..so dint get it..

    • hehe..even when i read it the first time i was lik eyuck!! placenta??? but then i thought logically and realized it aint humanly possible…..must be omething to do with nutrients i gues.. 😉 Korea ke log kuch bhi likhte hain..

  7. Hi, I don’t mean to offend you but I am 99 % sure that those are not Korean facial masks. I can read Korean and those, well, I cannot read. I am just concerned because most likely, those are made in China or Taiwan. Now, I am not saying that you should not buy them either just because they are from those countries BUT just a friendly warning from a Southeast Asian who has seen so many knock offs from those places. Be very careful with those things because they might contain something that isn’t supposed to be on your skin. If those masks had their ingredients translated and printed in English, then good for your safety, otherwise, please stay away from them. Besides, placenta is not really FDA approved so, well, I don’t know. To each his own. Again, hope you don’t get offended. 🙂

  8. Hi anamika…May I justknow where you got those cotton masks from? Was it from the Kathiawar store as well? Thanks a lot! ^_^

  9. u meant the city center? the one in banjara hills? was planning to go there but i cant seem to find the address of any kathiawar in google that is located in banjara…so sorry for asking a lot…not really familiar with hyderabad….thanks a lot…

  10. Hi..im a regular reader..just wanted to add that you’re not supposed to wash off after you remove the face sheet..you’re supposed to pat it dry..maybe thats what you didnt get as good results..all the best 🙂

      • Hi Anamika,

        I frequently go thru ur site and have learned so much. Could you pls tell me where can I get these dry facial sheet masks? Any online site like slassy or medbeauty? Your response wud be highly appreciated. 🙂


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