Kristen Stewart “W” Magazine Inspired Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial


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Hi beauties 🙂

Few days back I found this image of the Twilight Queen :P  , Kristen Stewart on Cover of ‘W’ Magazine September Issue. She was looking very unusual, apart from her regular “Bella Swan” look  🙂 in fact I liked her because she was looking very unique with almost pale white face, smoked eyes with a very edgy eyeliner, lips overdrawn and overall a very raw look 😉 Her eye + eyebrow shape is different from mine, but I tried my best to achieve closer look.

KristenStewartCoversWSeptember20 eye makeup

So let’s start the tutorial.  🙂

  • Step1:- Apply eye shadow base and Peach  eyeshadow:-

Start with an e/s base all over the lid up to the eyebrows. Now using a big fluffy brush use a matte peachy e/s, apply it from the inner corner right up to the brow bone.

Kristen Stewart W Magazine Cover eye makeup tutorial


  • Step2:- Apply Eyeliner:-

If you think eyeliner for this look is tricky, then le’me tell you its not 😉 So firstly, apply eyeliner on your upper lid close to lashes, and run with whatever is left on your bottom lid along the lashes upto 1/3 area.

Kristen Stewart “W” Magazine Inspired Makeup Tutorials

Now once you’re done with it, start applying thick line of eyeliner (you can read tips and tricks of applying eyeliner here). The eyeliner for this look is very much slanted and edgy, so you can make a very much tilted angle. Don’t forget to join your upper and lower eyeliner. Don’t worry if it’s not neat  :)  would be something like this

Kristen Stewart “W” Magazine Inspired Makeup Tutorials

  • Step3:– Apply  matte black eye shadow

Using a big flat shading brush, pat some eye shadow  above the thick eyeliner we applied, this is been done to make it look soft and ashy. Also use the same brush on your lower lid.

eye makeup tutorial magazine inspired

Finally Fill in your water line with skin color eye pencil J use Lots of mascara on your upper & lower lashes and we’re done ! 😀

Kristen Stewart Covers 'W' Magazine; 'Twilight' Star eye makeup tutorial

This is my interpretation of Kristen Stewart’s makeup, my eyes are big and also my eyebrows are not straight like her. Her eyebrow’s have been kept straight to make it parallel with the thick eyeliner. The face is kept pretty smart with peach blush, lips are over drawn to give fuller illusion. She looks fantastic for a change ! 🙂

Kristen Stewart “W” Magazine Inspired Makeup Tutorial pictures

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Thanks for reading the tutorial, Have a great week.:)

God Bless!

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  1. Thankuuu Zara :-* yup the elevated liner make the eyes look more 😉 (u knw wht i mean 😛 ) and +point is this u dnt hv to be neat while doin this 😛 :giggle: :blush:
    hows uu bothhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ??????????????/ :dance:

  2. OMG!!! this is a fab tutorial!!. When i first saw the cover of the mag..I was thinking this is too OTT..but when I saw the tutorial pics…it is actually look soo fab up close also.

  3. ok i dont know wat to say!!
    first of all m speechless…. seeing twilight girl .. and ur make up as usual … is awesomeee…
    i really couldnt guess she is bella :O :O… i had to chek 10 times.. when i read her name.. lol..she is luking amazing :O :O 😀

    and u did the eyeluk very well… ur version of the luk is really cool! 😀

  4. Upsi this is such a killer look…!!! Kudos girl!!! :yes: :yes:

    And i loved the way you explained step by step…for ppl like me its much needed !!! :tap-dance:

    Which Fleh coloures eye pencil have you used here?


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