Kronokare City Detox Face Wash Review


Hello my beauties!

kronokare city detox face wash treatment

When it comes to the art of face washing, we people take it pretty seriously. We uprightly choose our skin and hair care products that work well for us. We do this ritual in the morning to look and feel refreshed and awake even with our off-balanced lifestyle. A good facial cleanser should possess all the necessary properties like cleaning dirt,removing excess amount of oil and unclogging pores without stripping off its natural balancing oils.

But a cleanser is a cleanser, right? Don’t they all do the same job? Hardly.I have tried a lot of face washes till date and I would say, If you cleanse your face properly then you will be able to avoid many of serious skin issues without much efforts. Well, I have come across a very new yer raved brand ‘Kronokare’ and got my hands on its ‘City Detox face Cleanser’ Lets see how it served the purpose.

About Kronokare City Detox Face Wash

Don’t let the chaos of the city show on your face. Our super gentle face wash cleanses the skin while respecting your epidermis. Enriched with extracts of plants and flowers, it leaves the skin smooth and soft. You will feel super duper fresh!

Price- INR 345 for 100 ml & INR 245 for 55 ml

kronokare city detox facewash

Packaging:- This face wash comes in a plastic medicine-syrup bottle like packaging which is extremely haul-able. It has a black color flip-open cap like any other face washes which shuts firmly and keep the product in a place.I like the packaging because it comes handy and easy to deal with. I always avoid bulky-looking packaging when it comes to travelling. Although, Kronokare states that the face wash is free from sulphates, mineral oil, parabene and silicon. Woah! Such a treat. I totally love the concept of ‘True detox’ by Kronokare.

city detox face wash

My Experience with Kronokare City Detox Face Wash

Texture:-Texture is quite creamy and not too runny. the color of face wash off white with a little sheen . It smells divine; not citrusy though! but not too strong for sensitive noses.

Quantity:- Quantity is quite satisfactory as it works well and only dime-size amount is required for one time usage.

Performance:- This face wash is bliss! It cleanses my face effectively, removes all dirt and grime from my face. It unclogged my pores and after using it for 10 days , my skin behaves really well. Also it does reduce minor breakouts and prevents them from coming back. It doesn’t give slippery feel post wash. Just a clear -looking skin what I need ๐Ÿ™‚ It balances pH level of my skin and doesn’t strip-off natural oils ร‚ย of skin at all.

Hit or Miss ?

Massive hit ๐Ÿ™‚ Highly recommended to you all.

kronocare detox face wash

What I Like about Kronokare City Detox Face Wash?

  • Haul-able
  • Comes handy
  • Good packaging
  • Lathers well
  • Cleans the face well
  • Skin becomes softer and a lot smoother
  • Skin becomes squeaky clean
  • Efficiently removes dirt, grime oils from the face
  • This can be tried by both men and women.

What I Don’t Like about Kronokare City Detox Face Wash?

  • Not widely available

city detox face wash kronokare

Rating :-5/5 (Amazing Product)



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