Krya Herb Face Wash Powder Review


Krya Herb Face Wash Powder

I recently gave a little shift to my skin from normal chemical-based products to a natural face wash which is all natural. I used Kyra herb face wash powder. It is a natural face wash made from a researched combination of 14 gram lentil and herbs which include Green Tea and Charmomile.


About Krya Herb Face Wash Powder

Made from a researched and tested formulation that contains 24 organically grown and forest collected lentils and herbs including East Indian Arrowroot, Heritage Barley, Indian Liquorice and Palmarosa.

The herbs used in this formulation have mild cleansing and skin soothing. Its moisturizing action that leaves you feeling clean and refreshed after a bath. The Krya Moisture Plus body wash does not strip skin of essential oils and leaves your skin feeling smooth, nourished and well taken care of eve after a bath.

  • Made from plants and NOT petroleum
  • Is FREE from potentially carcinogenic and suspect ingredients like SLS, SLES, parabens and fragrances
  • Made fresh in our facility where the ingredients are sorted, carefully cleaned, sun dried and harmoniously processed.


  • Gently cleanses , do-odorizes and nourishes skin without stripping it of essential oils.
  • Especially suited for dry, sensitive skin
  • Leaves your refreshed after every bath and keeps your skin smooth and well cared for.
  • Biodegradable and compostable product
  • Grey water emanating from using this product is readily recyclable
  • Non toxic, safe, plant based ingredients that are inspired by traditional systems of Indian medicine. Can be used safely by everyone.

Complete List of Ingredients:

Certified Organic- Himalayan Adzuki Bean, Indian Gooseberry, Palmarosa, East Indian Arrowroot

Organic but not certified- Heritage Barley, Himalayan Navrangi Bean,Heritage Mung Bean, Heritage Rice, Moringa , Fenugreek , Himalayan Amaranth, Fennel

Wild crafted (forest collected)- Indian Liquorice, Native zedoary, Cassia Leaf , Nutgrass, Sweet Flag, Chebulic Myrobalan, Beleric Myrobalan, Psoralea seeds, Indian Acalypha, Cassia flower, Durva grass, Tamarind seed

How to use: For each use, take 3- 4 spoons of the Krya Moisture Plus Herb body-wash in a cup. Add a little water and make a thick paste. Apply this paste gently and evenly all over your body..Rinse off thoroughly with water as usual. Use the Krya body-wash daily instead of a harsh soap or shower gel.

At the first go, I was a little skeptical about using it since we always have been habitual of using the normal lather based face wash. This one definitely had to be different but the application and usage also differed a lot from the normal one.

My Experience with Krya Herb Face Wash Powder

The best thing about this powder-based face wash is that it can be used as a mask as well. If you apply it as a mask over your face, you must leave it on for few minutes until it is semi-dry and then you can rinse it off. A little bit of scrubbing of this powder with water can also give you exfoliation which would also give you a good feel about your face. A gentle massage is what you need to give your face.

Fragrance – It had this typical herbal smell which I realized is of mild gooseberry which honestly I am not that fan but after 2-3 trials it didn’t bother me.


After the use, I felt my skin to be feeling good. It did not feel stretchy or dry. I did not feel like using moisturizer when I washed my face. Even the second, third and fourth use gave me a similar conclusion. I guess it is suited to all types of skin tones Dry, Oily or combination.


I was a little disappointed seeing the packaging as it was not at all attractive. The cardboard carton in which it came did have the ingredients mentioned. The retail price is Rs. 280 for 100 grams which is quite a good deal. This means the product has been priced at a consumer friendly price range.


Final Thoughts

The product is environment friendly as the manufacturers are also into recycling the product. So, if you believe in environmentalist, you would definitely like this product. Though, a paradox here is that the product is marketed in transparent polythene which is against the environment policies but I believe they are doing this to save the product getting damaged while it gets couriered.

The aroma of the product is totally like that of green tea which makes it a little soothing to use. But, if you are thinking of carrying it with you to longer distances you need to think again because it can spill and the packaging is not very conducive to travel.

I like the soothing effect but with these kinds of discomforts that it could cause, I am not sure if I will buy this product again. I cannot deny the good effect it brought to my skin and I definitely liked the change it introduced my skin to, but I am not sure I would be able to let go of the chemicals on my skin completely.


All in all a mixed review from my side for this product. I am sure it is a good product but I am a firm believer that all aspects of a product should be perfect for it to be a perfect product. Right now, the product is not very great in packaging, let’s see if something is bettered going forward.




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