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Kryolan Cream Blushes

I like using cream blushes mostly in winters but it was hard resisting Kryolan cream blushes .They were just calling me and if I wouldn’t have got them then  they probably would have haunted me in my dreams.So just picked up two as  there were many other irresistible things in the Kryolan store .

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  • Price – INR 400 for 4gms (Rs 400 for a product is a great price for a cream blush especially from a quality producing company like Kryolan.

Kryolan blusher powder and cream reviews+Kryolan cream blush reviews

  • Packaging – Comes in a round light grey not so tall plastic packaging.These are not sturdy and their transparent flip top comes out easily if dropped :pain:.Shade no. is written at its back and some time they use short name also such as the blush which I am reviewing is Ch.Red.
  • Texture – is very soft , smooth and buttery  and gives an appearance of color that comes from with in.It is extremely  easy to blend and one needs a very tiny bit otherwise you might end up looking like a clown.I use my MAC 188 small duo fiber brush to apply it.It’s crazily pigmented and one can build for more intensity .

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Kryolan cream blusher review+kryolan cream blusher+kryolan reviews

By the way these Kryolan cream blushes has a shelf life of three  years unlike NYX one which is of one year.

Kryolan cream blusher blush reviews +Kryolan product reviews

Shade Ch.Red looks really dangerous in the pan but it actually is a comfortable shade to wear especially for dusky skin tone.This shade gives  five  hours of wear with my foundation on and then starts fading out.I must tell you that the weather here has been extremely hot  but still it last for a long time.

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Kryolan cream blusher Kryolan product reviews+cream blushes kryolan

Swatches Of Kryolan Ch. Red Cream Blush:-

It’s a peachy coral orange and has a satiny feel .I have blended the tiny bit which I had on my finger above for this swatch.

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Kryolan cream blush swatches+kryolan peach coral red blush swatches

this is how it looks on  the  mommie  to be in few days  🙂  and my face looks like as if I have two big tomatoes in my cheeks.:P

Kryolan cream blusher face lovely glow+creamy peach cream blush+kryolan blushes

What I like about Kryolan Cream Blusher Ch.Red

  • Decently priced and highly pigmented
  • Easy to blend
  • Long staying power
  • Will last long
  • Didn’t break me out

What I do not like about Kryolan Cream Blusher Ch.Red:-

  • The boring packaging with no mirror or brush.
  • Shades do not have proper names
  • Kryolan is still not available online.

Will I recommend it to others – Definitely!

Wise She Rating – 4/5

  • Pigmentation - 5/5
  • Availability4/5
  • Price Vs Quality4/5
  • Blending4/5

 Have you tried Kryolan Cream Blusher Ch.Red?

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  1. oh my sucha gorgeous shade :drool: :drool: :drool: n u r luking gorgeous :-*
    ahem one question i cannt resist which lippy 😛 :lipstick:

  2. hahaha big tomatoes 😀 😀 the blush is tooo dhinchak n perfect for indian skin tones :yes: :yes: :yes: waiting for gugli’s piccies :waiting: :waiting: :waiting: :waiting: :waiting: :waiting:

  3. Wow..kryolan shades always look so dark in their packaging but come out so sheer n wearable. This shade really scared me when i saw ur finger swatch but it looks lovelyyyy on ur tomatoes..err i mean cheeks :blush: Btw…ur cheeks do NOT look any bit like tomatoes….u look simply gorgeous!!! :lashes:

    • hry shruti…cream blushes r amazing in the sense that they r moistrizing and look more natural than powder blushes..but yes, if one has oily 🙂 skin, then it may not be a gud idea..wot kind of skin do u hav?

  4. Ana! you look gorgeous! :-* Nothing like tomato i tell you. :beauty: It suits you so well. n is that the same kruolan lippy u reviewed some day back???

  5. tomatoes?? lolz…you look really pretty in this pic yaar :D…..the blush looks great!!! i wish i had known about this blush before because the faces one i took has a lot of glitter in it and its the same cost 🙁

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