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 Kryolan Cosmetics

After lipsticks  it’s the eyeliner which I always turn to when ever I am running short on time.A quick eyelining on the lids just makes my eyes pops and hardly takes a minute.While buying Kryolan cosmetics I had to buy atleast one of their cream liner.Come on! Don’t we want to try atleast one cream liner from all the brands?

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About Kryolan Cream Liner:-


Cream Liner, especially color intensive, for fashionable, flawless eyelining. Cream Liner does not drip. It is comfortable to apply and is water-resistant. Its durability makes it ideally suited in a very special way, also for professional applications.

Apply the product with a brush onto the desired area.

  •  Price – INR 750 for 6 gms
  • Packaging – Packaging is similar to the famous Maybelline gel liners but Kryolan didn’t forget to to put its funny face on the lid.Why Kryolan Why ?Don’t you have a better trademark ? 😀

Kryolan cream liner review+cream liner sea green kryolan product reviews


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I have tried clicking pictures of this gel liner with flash as well as without flash but some how as it’s a blackend green my camera was not able to capture its actual beauty.


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Swatches Of Kryolan Cream Liner Sea Green :-

It’s a creamy blackend matte green which is easy to apply and dries up beautifully.It doesn’t crease at all and staying power is 9-10 hrs without smudging or creasing. Also, I have been using it since a month and make sure that I keep it upside down and till now it has not dried up at all.

As far as pigmentation is concerned it is quite soft and pigmented and in one swipe I am good to go and it is waterline safe too.


Kryolan cream liner sea green+kryolan cream liner sea green swatches


This is how it looks on my eyes ..Quite neat isn’t ?


Kryolan cream liner sea green on my eyes+cream liner kryolan reviews+creamy eyelner


Check out few other shades which I found in the Kryolan store.

Ebony, Cacao , Aubergine , Sea green (I don’t know how it is sea green) and Sienna


Ebony, Cacao , Aubergine , Sea green (I don’t know how it is sea green  )and Sienna


What I like about Kryolan Cream Liner Sea Green:-

  • Glides beautifully, is soft and dies in no time.
  • It’s watepoof  and doesn’t flakes at all.
  • It’s waterline safe and highly pigmented.
  • Easy to carry around.


What I do not like about Kryolan Cream Liner Sea Green :-

  • Doesn’t come with a brush.I use Inglot 30 T eyeliner  for above eye makeup.
  • Price is on the higher side
  • Kryolan products are not easily available.

Will I recommend it to others – I like the quality of these liners more than the Inglot one therefore will definitely recommend it.

Have you tried Kryolan Cream Liner Sea Green?

 Wise She Ratings – 4/5

  • Pigmentation -4/5
  • Price Vs Quality– 4/5
  • Availability 2.5/5
  • Staying Power – 4/5


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    • Well, I think it’s all about which one u prefer.. 🙂 there trimester when I like creams, gels or even pencil ones!

  1. Really pretty but Bnd gel liners r better pigmented n affordable than this.. also if their gel liner dries up quickly simply dip a little of oil on the tip of brush n apply n der it is a smooth application!

    • Pigmented ey r but dry up too quickly for my liking….n I hav duraline too but ric the prob is when one is in a hurry no1 bothers with the oil or duraline… My bnds r sitting idle since months!

  2. Ana, i hv a question, plz help. My Maybelline gel liner has start drying up. How can i prevent it? or any product which can be mixed in it, so dat it doesnt dry up?


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