KRYOLAN DERMACOLOR Camouflage System Crème D5 Review


Kryolan Cosmetics 

Hello! Lovelies,

Here I am writing a review on Kryolan’s Dermacolor Camouflage System Crème shade color D5 which is a wheat color skin tone concealer base. I bought the dermacolor system concealer for the acne scars and under eye area that is generally not concealed fully by other products that I have used so far.

KRYOLAN DERMACOLOR Camouflage System Crème D5 Review

  • Net Weight: .12 oz / 4ml
  • Price: 350 INR.
  • Shelf Life: 4 years.


About Kryolan Dermacolor Camouflage System:-

An exceptionally effective and long lasting special makeup for the concealment of discolorations in skin abnormalities, scars and tattoo marks.

KRYOLAN DERMACOLOR Camouflage System Crème D5 Product


My experience with KRYOLAN DERMACOLOR Camouflage System Crème D5

I will start with the packaging which I love; the concealer comes in a cute small white plastic container with a green cap. I came across the DermaColor range in Kryolan while purchasing some other products at their store and after examining my skin, the SA recommended me to try their DermaColor range products which are especially designed for problematic skin and skin imperfections like birth marks, scars from pimples or injury marks etc. My skin has uneven color tone and also it is oily which makes it almost impossible to keep my face flawless with any concealer. Whenever I try hiding my scars they become patchy after a few hours of setting up my base. So, I decided to give it a try and to my surprise it turned out to be a very good product. Its texture is creamy and spreads smoothly on my skin. It has a heavy coverage and can be rebuilt on problem areas. Once it is set with compact or any setting powder, it’s DONE! This product is waterproof and does not require any reapplications or touch ups. It has been the most powerful staying concealer on my skin and when I say this, I really mean it. I was like wow! Finally something is keeping my skin flawless for almost the whole day.

KRYOLAN DERMACOLOR Camouflage System Crème D5 Experience

Here it’s me wearing this concealer base with compact over it:

KRYOLAN DERMACOLOR Camouflage System Crème Review

What I Like about KRYOLAN DERMACOLOR Camouflage System Crème D5


  • Awesome coverage.
  • A huge range of shades to choose from – Available for almost every skin tone.
  • Derma system – especially designed for discolored, scarred or pigmented skin type.
  • Added advantage is that it has a great staying power which is – for almost a whole day, if set properly. (Even on the most oily skin types.)
  • Clinically tested for skin sensitivity.
  • Dermacolor system range is waterproof.
  • Non-comedogenic: Does not clog pore; neither did it break me out, at all.
  • Can be used on all skin types.
  • It does all what it claims. 🙂
  • Great quantity for its price.
  • Shelf life of this product is amazing as not most products can last for almost 4 years.

What I don’t Like about KRYOLAN DERMACOLOR Camouflage System Crème D5


  • Seriously, I just could not find any flaw in this product except the fact that packaging of this product might make it difficult to use the fingers for application once the bottle is half empty.
  • Availability might be a problem too.

Will I repurchase this product again?  Definitely, I will. I am in love with this product; it gives me full coverage and conceals all my skin flaws perfectly. No major drawback to it, so I recommend it to all those who face problems finding a good coverage concealer for their uneven skin tone.

Overall Verdict: 4.75/5

Have you tried KRYOLAN DERMACOLOR Camouflage System Crème D5?

How did you find it?

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  1. Bhavna.. M sold.. m getting this straight away.. I was waiting for some one to review on this one! thankies soooo much! Even i have lot of acne scars left on my face and this sounds so so tempting… :-))
    n n n U r beautifulll… lovely features.. pretty attractive eyes! :beauty: :lipstick: :chic:
    Have u tried the kryolan concealer palette by any chance?? any idea hows dat?? ?:-)

    • Erica..One of my friend have Kryolan concealer palette and i have heard such great things about it 🙂 it suits almost every one 🙂

      by the way did u try yur new palette :)?

      • I tried on my eyes ..A! and its pretty good for eyes..yet to try on cheeks! :-)) :hug-makeup:
        Lemme c if the one i have is good enuff i wont buy KRYOLAN but its really tempting as everyone is telling me good stuff abt it! 😀 :drool:

    • Thank You! :-)) Yes, I have the concealer palette too and its awsome as well with different concealer shades to fix the facial problems and dark circles, you get a variety to choose from and can mix them to make your perfect shade and the pack of 6 pan cakes in a palette costs only Rs. 1,000. O:-)

  2. hey you looking really good. I would love to try this too sometime. I have terrible terrible dark circles and age spots are beginning to appear ( i am 44). Though I am using the MAC prolong wear concealer currently i am always looking for substitutes. where can I buy this from? I live in Hyd.

    • Aru. at yur age i guess Kryolann and MAC are two companies which can solve the problem but i am so glad that u r so happening in yur 40s tooo :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right:

      • me and happening?? 🙂 thanks..mmmuaaahhhhhh u r the best Anamika..wish i had this info (Wiseshe and all) AND enthu 10 years ago too..i hate it when ppl say accha 40 ho gaya ab kya makeup types..ppl stop taking care of themselves or they think they r really old to try anything..I am like what the heck if I can carry it off without looking like a wannabe teenager or something then why not!!! hahahhahahahahha

        • i hate it when ppl say that….its just that they have given up on even attempting to take care of themselves and wana pull others into the rut…

      • Hii dear, I want this dermacolor d5 but can’t get it here I live I want it so urgently can u help anyway , not getting it anywhere pls tell how to buy n where to buy.. Regards

  3. Hi Bhawna.. this is a great concealer no doubt.. I too use it and just love it.. my skin looks so flawless with it. and btw, u r very pretty 🙂

  4. thanks for reviewing this bhawna! it sounds pretty damn good! I am def trying this soon! i think this shade will my skintone as well 🙂 there is no kryolan available online ye and also not in my city 🙁 i so wish their products are available online asap…can someone pls give a shout to Chetana @StyleCraze to get these online?
    Btw i have extremely dry under eye area and eye lids..will this further dry it out?

  5. @Ana.. I have quite a few as I go for contouring with it :P.. I have the D0 that is great for under-eye and brightening certain areas of your face and 2 neutral tone (need to check out the shades), and a dark one for contouring and sculpting the jawline/cheeks ….

    • Bidisha..i need it ..although i don ave dark circles as such but whenever i do some body’s makeup i find it difficult to get a concealer ..this thing will solve out my problem ..yeyeye!

  6. @ Ana. it’s just great.. you will love it and who does not want to look flawless? I top it up with the Estee Lauder double wear and its just great :))) and it stays the entire day!!!

  7. I have deramcolor camouflage palette and I love love it. I use it as a foundation all over my face for full coverage and it doesn’t look cakey at all.

    • Thank You Preethi. :-)) Plz check with Kryolan India official site, they might tell you about their locations in South India as the company is based in Tamil Nadu.

  8. i m nt sure if u knw d actress but u luk like Samantha from Tollywood
    u looks so prettyyyyyy
    n i so want it
    wil get it sooon

    Ana – u did mention ryt Kryolan is available in Kathiawar?

  9. i was really waiting for a review on this baby…i had so many questions and this review is like a one-stop shop for me..thanx for an amazing revieW

  10. Hey there, nice review! I have really really bad dark circles. They’re REALLY dark compared to my fair skin tone. They look worse after a bad night’s sleep. Do you think this product is the solution?


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