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Ever since A got the Kryolan frenzy and brought it onto Wiseshe, I couldn’t help but get caught on the ride. I’d been wanting a nude liner for quite a while but couldn’t seem to find any in the market. There were plenty of whites and I used to use the Revlon eyepencil in a white shade to brighten up but at times it looks too stark and nude is much softer and gives the same ‘Awake’ effect.

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kryolan eyeliner nude review


A had tried the Kryolan Nude kajal for me at the store but found it to smudgey and didn’t really last on the waterline. I was a bit heartbroken and resumed my search online. Then in June when I happened to visit Chennai, Deeps took me to the Kryolan store where we went a bit crazy. It was there that I found this beauty. I happened to mention to the SA that the Kajal pencil smudged a lot and the turned around and showed me their nude liner claiming that this was the same shade but in liner form and it worked much better without smudging….Bas!! I didn’t need to hear any more and asked her to bill it for me ๐Ÿ™‚ Did it hold true to her claims? Let’s check further..


kryolan eyeliner nude review+ kryolan


My take on Kryolan Nude Eyeliner:-


  • Packaging: ร‚ย The eyeliner is in the form of a long pencil with an aluminum type of lid. The base is in the same color as the liner which makes it easy to identify in a huge pile of liners….(actually, the height of the pencil is enuf identification ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). the shade has no name, but is numbered..This one is numbered as 905.
  • Price: ร‚ย INR175

kryolan eyeliner nude review+ kryolan+ eye brightener


  • Color:ร‚ย  As visible, this is a true creamy nude shade. It’s not a pale beige or an off white…It’s a lovely creamy, warm beige which will suit any skin tone.
  • Pigmentation & Texture:ร‚ย  This liner is very creamy and pigmented. It’s not a glittery liner so thankfully, no gritty particles get in the way.ร‚ย  I need just a single swipe to get this on my waterline.


kryolan eyeliner nude review+ kryolan eyeliner

  • Staying Power:ร‚ย  This liner stays for about 4 to 4.5hrs. I wish it would stay longer though..


The nude Kajal supposedly doesn’t stay on for more than an hour…this one stays on for atleast 4-4.5hrs…Since this is the only nude liner available in the indian market, I suppose I should be thankful and I am..But the greedy gal in me still wants a longer lasting liner.



kryolan eyeliner nude review+ kryolan nude liner swatch



I love how this feels on my waterline..honestly..It’s creamy yet firm so there’s no smudging at all…even by the time it fades off, it doesn’t smudge. It doesn’t even hurt while applying like some other firm tipped liners. It brightens the eyes very nicely without looking stark like when I apply a white liner.



kryolan eyeliner nude review+ kryolan nude eyeliner swatch

Why I love Kryolan Nude Eyeliner:

  • Very soft and glides easily on the waterline
  • Doesn’t smudge at all
  • Stays for approx 4.5hrs on my waterline which is more than the Kajal counterpart does.
  • Easy on the pocket.
  • Quantity is quite a bit.
  • Great to get a fresh and awake look
  • Doesn’t look as jarring as a white liner
  • Has a sturdy lid and is travel friendly

kryolan eyeliner nude review+ kryolan+ nude eyeliner

Why I don’t like Kryolan Nude Eyeliner:

  • Wish the staying power was better.
  • Availability

Ratings: 4/5


Have you tried the Kryolan Nude Eyeliner?

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  1. i’ve been wanting a nude kohl since some time now..i’ll check this one. I also saw a nude kohl in same price for those u dont easliy get hands on kryolan

    • Oriflame wala doesn’t show p on my waterline? Shows on urs? Lucky lucky gal…I hav a prob with all ori pencil liners…d damn things just. Dnt show up!

  2. Lovely review and thanks , have been looking for a nude liner for a long time now !

    Is this the one you still use zee , or have you switched to some other liner?


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